When Hecatomb enters the battlefield, sacrifice Hecatomb unless you sacrifice Tap an untapped Swamp you control: Hecatomb deals 1 damage to any target. Contents Overview 3 Object of the Game 3 Play of the Game 3 Parts of a Card 4 Card Types, Mana Cards, and Abominations 7 Zones 8 Deck Rules and. Hecatomb is an out-of-print collectible card game created by Wizards of the Coast. The base set of cards was released on August 18, at the annual .

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Additionally, all cards have a doom type associated with them, represented both by card color and a small icon. I thought WotC issued general errata to prevent such things from happening. A conditional effect has the doom of the trigger that created it.

The doom of lies, madness, and illusion. A creature that has been turned from one thing into another, especially from a good thing into an evil thing.

Hecatomb (card game)

When you play a god, it usually has a one-time effect within these marks: Other endbringers have the same goal and you must battle for the right to bring about armageddon. Search your deck for a card, show that card to all players, and put it into your hand.

A deck usually includes cards of two dooms, with minions whose conditional abilities match those dooms. A sequence of phases from the ready phase to end of turn.

Rodrigo Zanotelli wrote on UTC About you Super-Hecatomb-Chess idea, you could make a hyper hecatomb one, where amazons can also be used for castling. See page 11 for card-playing rules. The game is unique in its use of five-sided, stackable cards made of durable plastic as opposed to conventional paper.


Your blocker and the attacker fight. The person who ends the world gains power and moves on to another world to repeat the process. Good if you can win with it when it comes into play If someone gets a burst of creativity and creates such a Hecatomb deck, it might get changed then. You can also play all pieces are one of a different type, for example Super-Hecatomb-Chess is played with Amazons instead of Queens. Setup and Start Players shuffle their decks and put them face down.

Destruction of the world.

Individual minions are susceptible only to abilities that destroy, exile, or sever them. I don’t buy that idea about WotC not wanting to issue more errata than necessary if they’re concerned about hecatpmb playing the mechanic correctly, it IS necessary to issue errata, and it’s far better to play mechanics consistently than try to skirt the issue wherever you can ; if WotC were that averse to issuing errata, why don’t they just rule that you play ruules cards the way they’re written?

Cards in the mana zone are mana cards. Archived from the original on February 13, The first expansion, Last Hallow’s Evewas released on October 28,adding another cards to the game.

If a card directly contradicts the rules of the game, rukes card takes precedence.

When an abomination blocks or is blocked, it deals damage equal to its strength to the other abomination. Log in or Sign up.


A card in the mana zone. Since the sac ability hefatomb when it comes into play, you can respond to it before you have to pay, I believe. Refer to the glossary for rules on how specific abilities work and what specific terms mean. Some items are mythic, such as the Signet of Loki. If an ability has you do something you can only partly complete, do what you can.

Hecatomb (card game) – Wikipedia

You choose which cards to discard unless the effect says otherwise. When a – comes after a number, it indicates that the number can be lower. Sample Hecatomb card – Great Cthulhu. The number of minions in an abomination. When you play a minion on an abomination, the strength and main text box of each bottom minion must show through one of the four clear sides of the top one.

Hecatomb | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Attack You can send one or more abominations heactomb attack an enemy and try to reap souls. Put gods into the play zone by themselves not on anything. Lisa Hanson Brand Management: They align themselves with all four dooms. Something you choose to take an effect. A god usually has a one-time effect when you play it, rulws a continual effect. Each card belongs to one of four dooms: Each player has 32 pieces: