This is a community/ a people which has carefully and successfully built/ and Maravar) share similar myths/accounts of origin and historic status as rulers. Some members of the caste like to go by the title Thevars, which means ‘the divine They have a political history of mobilising themselves. In the year since the brutal murder of Dalit man Sankar in Udumalaipettai, his wife Kausalya’s brother Gowtham has learned more about Thevar.

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Soon after his release he was arrested again under the Defense of India Rules.

U. Muthuramalingam Thevar

During a prolonged strike of the Pasumalai Mahalaskshmi Mill Workers’ Union, demanding the reinstatement of a section of fired trade unionists, Thevar was jailed for seven months from 15 October histtory His son Desakaval Senbaga Tevan is also remembered for his exploits. The election was won by D. She says that the claims of distinct caste status “were clearly not ancient facts of life in the Tamil Nadu region.

They are kept alive of our ancient culture. Our stand has Thevars, Gounders and commuhity Nadars. By noon it was clear that his expected return was not going to happen. Conflict erupted within the local Congress organisation over the issue. The Criminal Tribes Act CTA had been enacted in by the government of the Madras Presidency and was subsequently implemented in a piecemeal fashion.


From onwards he was in the custody of his maternal grandmother Parvathiammal in the neighbouring village of Kallupatti. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Muthuramalingam’s father died on 6 June He was a noted politician from the community and the event, known as Thevar Jayanthigained the approval of the Government of Tamil Nadu inwhich enabled the event to obtain police protection, road closures and the like.

He was banned from leaving Madurai.

U. Muthuramalingam Thevar – Wikipedia

The authorities partially withdrew, and reduced the number of CTA registrations in the concerned areas from around to The alliance won the elections, and for the first time Congress lost its hold over the city administration. Although he himself refuted Marxism, he did not align with the anti-Marxist elements on the national level.

Election were held simultaneously to the Lok Sabha as well as to the legislative assemblies of the states. My daughter used to feed her with her own hands every day and my son-in-law would buy her everything she wanted. Maravars are found predominantly in the Southern districts of Tamilnadu viz. During the late s, Thevar became increasingly involved in labour activities.

The Congress had been divided and C.

Kallars communty one of the three related castes which constitute the Mukkulathor confederacy. And where was Chinnasamy when the murder happened? Clmmunity people near Usilampatti, fought against the British and many have died and they have a Thiyagigal Thoon. This page was last edited on 25 Augustat Most of the Tamil castes wear the same type of “Linga Thali”. In recent years, sincethese have been referred to as Southern-style Kalaripayattualthough they are distinct from the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu itself that was historically the style found in Kerala.


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Thevar travelled to Delhi on 17 July to attend the session of the Lok Sabha. They have been recorded as practising female infanticide as recently as the s.

Although the Mukkulathor own significant amounts of land, the sociologist Hugo Gorringe noted in that “their educational and economic achievements have been negligible”, with many being small farmers or agricultural labourers.

However, Alagiri also had the benefit of various other factors which helped him fo strong.


Their popular deity is Amman, the Mother Goddess. Thevar cooperated with the communists in trying to form a non-Congress governing coalition. Caste Violence Against India’s “untouchables”.