Encuentra Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives de Alan Bullock (ISBN: ) en Amazon. Hitler Y Stalin. Vidas Paralelas (Kailas No Ficción). Alan. Claudia said: I used to teach Alan Bullock’s Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives in courses about tot it was amazing. Enorme libro sobre los tiranos Hitler y Stalin. Hitler y Stalin: Vidas paralelas (Kailas No Ficción nº 18) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Alan Bullock, Pedro Gálvez Séneca: : Kindle Store.

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Contrary to many other college textbooks, which tend to date rather quickly, this history book seems timeless. Parallel lives of Hitler and Stalin, goes in depth of policts behind it all. Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock is a highly engrossing book that chronicles the key events in the lives of both dictators in a side-by-side comparison to hitelr a sense of the differences in their respective styles and personalities.

Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock

Otherwise there was just a bunch of facts, I very much preferred The Fall of Berlin, lots of emotion in that. Apr 14, Paul Blair rated it really liked it. May 17, Carol Storm rated it it was amazing. I was surprised by this book- erratic and all over the place with its timelines of both men. This is a great alsn to world war II collection. Explores the lifes of Hitler and Stalin.

Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

If you wish to understand the 20th Century this is a must read. Stalin noted approvingly Hitler’s bloody purge of the SA and political enemies in and followed with his own far more massive purges in ; near the end of the war Hitler regretted he hadn’t done to his generals what Stalin did to the Red Army officer corps in By allowing himself the flexibility of switching between these two options, it allows him buullock compare and contrast these two stzlin.


Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock.

Both Hitler and Stalin ordered their armies, time and again, to defend positions to the last man. Of course it bulkock in weaving their careers together that: The out of control spending, trying to take away our guns, the un-informed voters, the people who vote themselfs service and the lack of people who really want to work.

History Bk Club Main. If Stalin is coming to get your sheep, and you’re a poor peasant who ate meat para,elas a month; you might as well eat lamb chops every day until they come and snatch whats left. It looks at the men on a personal level, although it focusses on the experiences and personal traits which drive their historical actions rather than giving too much about their personal life thankfully it avoids the dubious realms of pop psychology or obsession with missing testicals etc.

This volume is the culmination of a lifetime of study and thought on the blood drenched first half of the 20th Century.

The other aspect o This is an excellent book. My favourite parts were the little bit of the personal lives we got of the two men hitlee the beginning of the book as well as the descriptions of figuring out the best way of killing the Jews, that part was extremely hard to read but at least sparked some emotion.

Communism, nazism ideology, political context, Molotov—Ribbentrop Pact, you got it all covered. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo. I used to teach Alan Bullock’s “Hitler and Stalin: The author was right – religious fundamentalism had taken over as the biggest threat to the world after the Cold War ended.


Magisterial work of dual biography. Nov 05, Carl Stevens rated it it was amazing. A window not only into the lives of these two men, but the relationship between one’s past and one’s future.

Preview — Hitler and Stalin by Alan Bullock. Hitler was a big picture visionary who did not involve hitlwr in the minutiae of administration until he started losing the War when he began micro-managing several battles unsuccessfully from the Berghof.

Sigue al autor

There perhaps was some temptation taken to delve a bit more deeply into the tactical and strategic aspects of World War 2 than was strictly necessary although these passages certainly made good reading and provided some stailn insights. It certainly is an idea with merit, comparing two of history DNF. While Hitler and Stalin’s stories differed in key ways, that only serves to make the story stronger; monsters masquerading as humans don’t have a single origin story.

He reveals how each dictator relied on his powers of manipulation, deception and opportunism to rise to power and spread totalitarian regimes meant to wipe out the human spirit and large parts of humanity itself across paraleals world.