In the late fourth and early fifth centuries of our era, Hypatia of Alexandria was the world’s greatest living mathematician and astronomer. A strikingly beautiful. In the introduction to this book, Michael Deakin expresses surprise that there have been so few full-length treatments of the life and work of. Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr, by Michael A. B. Deakin, , pp., hardcover, ISBN , $ Prometheus Books,

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The consensus that Hypatia’s commentary is the source of the additional material in the Arabic manuscripts of the Arithmetica has been challenged by Wilbur Knorra historian of mathematics, [19] who argues that the interpolations are “of such low level as not to require any real mathematical insight” and that the author of the interpolations can only have been “an essentially trivial mind Wikisource has original works written by or about: I was hoping for more historical information regarding the circumstances of her murder at the hands of the early christian church, but again, there is only a limited amount of evidence to paint a more detailed view.

Carneades Clitomachus Charmadas Philo of Larissa.

Feminist Studies was launched in Athens in[] and Hypatia: They tore her flesh likely with oyster shellsbefore burning her limbs. Mathematician and Martyr by Michael A.

InCyril closed all the synagogues in Alexandria, confiscated all the property belonging to the Jews, and alexanfria all the Jews from the city.

Retrieved from ” https: Hypatia also wrote a commentary on Apollonius of Perga ‘s work on conic sections[34] [] [] but this commentary is no longer extant.

But the main outlines of her life and her accomplishment are clear and they command our admiration.

The Museum and libraries of Alexandria were “dying” at the end of the 4th c. This is the first biography of Hypatia to integrate all aspects of her life.


So, I can really only recommend this one to people who love math. Such will probably be the fate of this book.

According to Watts, however, Hypatia had ad appointed successor, no spouse, and no offspring [] [] and her sudden death not only left her legacy unprotected, but also triggered a backlash against her entire ideology. I read this book with an eye toward using it in one of my classes, Women and Scienceand came away ready to make it required reading for my hypatiq.

A bit academic at times, but not bad. Hypatia’s death shocked the empire and transformed her into a ” martyr for philosophy”, leading future Neoplatonists such as Damascius to become increasingly fervent in their opposition to Christianity.

Hypatia – Wikipedia

Both Hypatia and her father Theon were known as teachers and commentators. C rated it it was amazing May 01, However, if one considers that the times were not at all conducive to mathematical research, that the institutions that had supported such work were gone, and the mathematicians themselves were under great suspicion, then this should not really surprise us In truth, very little of the book is about Hypatia. This reputation is either built on myth or hearsay as opposed to evidence.

Mathematician and Martyr Michael A. I enjoy the occasional biography and heavier reading in my life, but in comparison to other biographies, this seeme After only hearing mention of the name, I was curious to know more about Hypatia through my own reading instead of just in class and this seemed to be one of the better books on the subject. Really should only read if you are interested in mathmatics. To ask other readers questions about Hypatia of Alexandriaplease sign up.

At the same time, European philosophers and scientists described Hypatia as the last representative of science and free inquiry before a “long medieval decline”.

Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr – Michael A. B. Deakin – Google Books

Watts both dismiss this hypothesis, noting that there is absolutely no evidence in any ancient text to support any part of the hypothesis. Rather than integrating the different aspects of her story into a single chronological whole, he separates out the historical, intellectual and religious context into digestible chunks. Hardcoverpages. Mathematician and MartyrAmherst, New York: Want to Read saving….


Oxford University Press, pp. The author Deakin also a mathematician describes the life and times of this virgin martyr, what’s know of her contributions, and ends with translations of source materials.

Widespread falsehoods and misconceptions about Hypatia continued to proliferate throughout the late twentieth century. The investigation resulted in the emperors Honorius and Theodosius II issuing an edict in autumn ofwhich attempted to remove the parabalani from Cyril’s power and alexajdria place them under the authority of Orestes. During the Middle AgesHypatia was co-opted as a symbol of Christian virtue and scholars believe she was part of the basis for the legend of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr

See 1 question about Hypatia of Alexandria…. French Wikisource has original text related to this article: Voltairein his Examen important de Milord Bolingbroke ou le tombeau de fantisme interpreted Hypatia as a believer in “the laws of rational Nature” and “the capacities of the human mind free of dogmas ” [] [] and described her death as “a bestial murder perpetrated by Cyril’s tonsured hounds, with a fanatical gang at their heels”.

I wanted to like this book and for it to be everything I allexandria looking for, but it can’t. Deakin Limited preview –