Se han revisado ocho pacientes con isquemia cerebelosa aguda que fueron intervenidos. Los hallazgos clínicos fueron cefalea, vómitos y disminución del nivel. Hello everybody: I’m looking for a translation for the following medical term: infarto cerebeloso izquierdo. The context is a medical discharge. Resumen. GONZALEZ POMPA, José Antonio et al. Cerebella infarction in the immediate puerperium. Rev Cubana Obstet Ginecol [online]. , vol, n.2, pp .

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Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg, 23pp. Surgical treatment of cerebellar infarction. Cerebellar infarction from a traumatic vertebral artery dissection in a child.

Two days after ingarto surgery the patient was asymptomatic and the hygromas had disappeared in the control CT scan at one month Fig.

After shunting, the fistula closed, but the patient symptoms worsened. Necesidades del alumnado con diabetes tipo 1 en Stroke, 28pp. T1 axial, supratentorial; B: Neurology, 44pp.

Infarto cerebeloso en el puerperio inmediato

After the improvement, she started worsening again, and a ventricular catheter was implanted in the biggest hygroma of posterior cranial fossa and connected to the shunt incarto a Y-shape connector. Report of two cases and literature review. A previously healthy 4-year-old girl was admitted to the emergency room with sensory failure and trembling. We discuss the absence of predisposing factors and the transitory ischemic attack in this patient 1 week before she developed massive cerebellar infarction.

Symptomatic subdural hygroma as a complication of foramen magnum decompression for hindbrain herniation Arnold-Chiari deformity. Treatment related outcomes from blunt cerebrovascular injuries: In the control CT scan at one month after surgery the hygromas have disappeared, the patient was symptomatic. T1 axial infratentorial; C: Posterior fossa surgery complicated by a pseudomeningocele, bilateral subdural hygromata and cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome.


Infarto cerebeloso izquierdo

Se discute la ausencia de factores predisponentes desencadenantes, a la vez que la presencia de isquemia cerebral transitoria una semana antes del infarto cerebelar masivo. Vertebral artery cerebeloeo and migraine headaches in children. If you already have your login data, please click here. This mechanical valve system could be formed between the injured parenchyma infartl the dura mater. After 15 days she came back to the hospital because a CSF fistula, and she had started having dizziness again, specially with movements, however no nistagmus, dysmetria, nor ataxia were present.

J Child Neurol, 15pp. Duplex scan findings in patients whith spontaneous cervical artery dissection.

Infarto cerebeloso izquierdo | WordReference Forums

All manuscripts are submitted for review by experts in the field peer review and are cerbeloso out anonymously double blind. Se han revisado ocho pacientes con isquemia cerebelosa aguda que fueron intervenidos.

Discussion There is not an easy explanation for the fluid accumulation and the high pressure in the posterior fossa in this case. A control CT scan showed a pseudomeningocele and a collection where the cerebellar infarction had occurred with normal ventricular size Fig. Despite aggressive antiedemic treatment and early instauration of intravenous continuous ingarto heparin infusion, the patient developed a bilateral cerebellar infarction and supratentorial hydrocephalus.

Because the presence of some mechanical valve system, the fluid accumulated in the subdural space instead of going back. We can speculate some valve mechanism was formed. There is not an easy explanation for the fluid accumulation and the high pressure in the posterior fossa in this case.

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The results were good in 6 cases and fair in She had good evolution after decompressive craniectomy without shunting. A control CT scan shows normal ventricular size infwrto a collection where the cerebellar infarction had occurred. The patient became asymptomatic after surgery, and the hygromas had disappeared in control CT at cereebloso month.

We hypothesize that the fluid could get out of the arachnoidal space into the pseudomeningocele due to CSF pulsations and was directed to the subdural space. Pediatr Neurosurg, 27pp.

Neurosurgery, 34pp. Print Send to a friend Export reference Mendeley Statistics. The vertigo of the initial cerebellar infarction had clearly resolved and there were no other signs of a new ischemia to explain the clinical worsening, the clinical symptoms were typical of an expanding mass.

Treatment of a vertebral dissecting aneurysm with stens and coils: T2 coronal one month after the shunting shows big bilateral hygromas over the cerebellum convexity, extending to the posterior interhemispheric fissure.

The commonest pathogenic mechanism of cerebellar infarction is arterial occlusion. This case shows an infrequent problem of CSF circulation at posterior fossa that resulted in cereebloso of central origin.