Infernum is a role-playing game published by Mongoose Publishing in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 References. Infernum is an isometric ARPG featuring enemy mobs and large scale PVP action . All Games > RPG Games > Infernum ยท Community Hub. Infernum. Infernum. Robert Turk is raising funds for Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival on Kickstarter! A pick-up & play tabletop RPG. Easy to.

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Saturday, 25th June, Kickstarter is not a store. If you want the game, we will ship it anywhere, but we suggest you contact us first to get an estimate of how much extra that will cost. You also get all of the things listed below, and we will pay the USPS priority mail shipping to get it to you. Demons consume it, mortals produce it, angels cannot replenish it until high level.

Infernum (role-playing game)

Easy to play, easy to run, hard to survive! It seems awfully powerful, especially at high levels. The various Houses struggle against each other, each commanding armies, iliaster farms, sorcerers, and so on. Regarding lnfernum specific questions – well, you might find some of the mechanics interesting, but ultimately there is very little crunch that isn’t related to the classes feats enhancing class featues, and so on.

You need to login to do this. I limit myself only to the Book of the Damned, the first. Reset Fields Log in.

All Backers get immediate access to our Beta Playtest Rules in Update #1!

Corruption is measurable and those with high Corruption scores are bound by their words. This will be our first time using a pledge manager, and we are teaming up with two reputable outside companies to create the extras. PoD Book with Shipping European backers at this reward level receive a physical copy of the hardback book printed by a digital PoD printer with standard shipping included.


It is a game in which you do not fight the Legions of Hell The only real thing I can think of is Sorcery, and that, well, Infrrnum don’t recall precisely but I do not think it was very relevant for non-infernum campaign.

The vast majority of angels were slain and devoured, the survivors fleeing into the dying universe of the Broken Lands, leaving Hell forever after in the hands of the demons. Originally Posted by Yair.

In addition to demons, players can also play humans and Fallen Angels, younger and less potent versions of the First Fallen. These will be announced once we hit our initial funding goal. Or a band of mortals and angels, intent on freeing Infernum from the demons and bringing heaven to earth. We have successfully completed FIVE previous Kickstarter projects two books and three games and this game has been through rigorous play-testing.

The year is After Fall, over seven and a half centuries since Lucifer and his rebellious angels were exiled after failing to conquer Heaven.

This pledge level is for Brick and Mortar retailers only. We have given ourselves 6 months to get this game out the door and in your hands, but that depends on art being turned infenrum on time, printing going smoothly, partner companies meeting the deadlines, and no actual asteroid strikes or giant alien attacks in Ohio. Even laying upon them the Covenants, forcing demons to obey anybody to whom they swore loyalty or gave their word, did not prevent them from managing to seduce half of the surviving First Fallen into supporting their desire to remain in Hell and forget about Infernuj.


Wednesday, 4th May, Estimated delivery Jul Learn more about accountability. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Share this project Done. Tuesday, 21st Unfernum, No matter what, inernum will be upfront with communicating and setting realistic expectations.

You must have a resale certificate and a physical store location to take advantage of this pledge level. The Tenth House, House Lictat, has arisen after three hundred and sixty seven years to claim the position held by the destroyed Ninth House, House Jelac.

Starship Infernum signed Hardback: Any opinons out there? Sewn-In Ribbon Bookmark Extra: Infernum characters can be very diverse. Infwrnum we want to deliver a quality product that you will enjoy playing, even if that takes longer than we have planned for.

Infernum (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

Their intention was to use these creatures to conquer Heaven, but they failed to predict the intelligence and rebelliousness of their “children”. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Ships to Only United States. Glass Counters and Bag Exclusive: In other words it includes standard fantasy fare, but also almost modern warfare equipment and vehicles, often fired by iliaster, as well as iliaster-related stuff.

The Free Cities Heresy, a rebellion inferbum the very laws of the Infernum, has arisen and claimed multiple cities across Hell, forcing the other eight Houses to accept House Lictat in order to focus their attention on this new threat.