Mit dieser kostenlosen Einbürgerungstest Deutschland App können Sie sich gezielt auf den Einbürgerungstest vorbereiten und so dem Ziel den deutschen. Einbürgerungstest und Integrationstest | Fragen mit Antworten | Teil 2. Integration Logik ÜBERLADENE INTEGRATIONSTESTS 11 codecentric AG FRAGEN UND DISKUSSION 33 Omerzu.

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Translate the description back to German Germany Translate. So ist der Lernefffekt besondert hoch!

Einbürgerungstest mit Fragen aus Berlin – Einbürgerungstest online – alle Fragen mit Antworten

Since 1 Septemberforeigners must pass a naturalization nationwide naturalization fdagenkatalog in Germany. For each question four possible answers are given, one of which is just right.

This app contains the latest issues of the citizenship test Germany, which is called “Living in Germany” since. You can select each game, whether 10, 33, or questions to ask.


The questions are asked in a random and the answers are sorted differently for each run. So the Lernefffekt is particularized high! When official citizenship test 33 will be provided, of which 17 must be answered correctly in order for the test is passed.

One is an overview of the results of the last 10 test runs, so you can check your own knowledge and your progress at any time. Deutscher Fahrschulverlag GmbH, Abt.

Einbürgerungstest und Integrationstest | Fragen mit Antworten | Teil 2

Write Email Examination Certificate B1. Each question is explained. Make waiting for your trip more fun by counting down the days until you leave.

Countdown until the day you retire. New Year Countdown Countdown to New Year Count the days until you say YES, share love quotes, write a wedding to-do list.

Baby Countdown – My Pregnancy. Pregnancy App for expecting mommies incl Baby Countdown, quotes and development.