Juan Pablo Hourcade. University of Iowa, USA, [email protected] Abstract trends in the field of interaction design and children and identifies chal -. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Interaction Design and Children | This editorial paper introduces Juan Pablo Hourcade at University of Iowa. Given the greater exposure of children to computer technologies, it is imperative that they be designed taking into account children’s abilities, interests, and.

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Author: Juan Pablo Hourcade

Preschool children’s use of mouse buttons. Bullock-RestHeidi Schelhowe: GarciaKeith B. Trier 1 Trier 2. Human Computation and Conflict.

This is followed by a review of design principles obtained through experiences in developing technologies for children as well as research studies. Most productive colleagues in number of publications. Digital Technologies and Marginalized Youth. Evaluation of tablet apps to encourage social interaction in children with autism spectrum disorders.


Specific user groups children, elders, etc. Differences in pointing task performance between preschool children interactoon adults using mice. Guarionex SaliviaJuan Pablo Hourcade: Interaction Design and Children aims to contribute towards this goal through a survey of research on children’s cognitive and motor development, safety issues related to technologies and design methodologies and principles. Violent groups, social psychology, and computing.

Juan Pablo HourcadeLisa P.

Interacting with Computers 20 1: Enactments and Simulations With Interactive Media. Since interacting with technologies most often involves children’s hands this survey also reviews literature on children’s fine motor development including manipulation and reaching movements. ReadJanet C.

now publishers – Interaction Design and Children

Number of publications with favourite co-authors. Your browser is outdated.

Evaluating one handed thumb tapping on mobile touchscreen devices. Please desiyn to a modern web browser to improve performance and avoid security risks.

Bullock-RestThomas E. DunbarDavid A. New Challenges and Opportunities. HourcadeJuan Pablo But many challenges remain and Interaction Design and Children is a valuable tool for those who want to become familiar with the field as well as for those looking to get up to date with current research on interaction design and children. Simple pen interaction performance of young and older adults using handheld computers.


Cultural coding and de-coding as ways of participation: Learning from preschool children’s pointing sub-movements. Benjamin BermanJuan Pablo Hourcade: Enhancing the research infrastructure for child-computer interaction.

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