IRFPG40 Vishay / Siliconix MOSFET N-Chan V Amp datasheet, inventory, & pricing. IRFPG40 MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for IRFPG40 MOSFET. IRFPG TO IRFPG NOTE: When ordering, include the entire part number. G. D. S. SOURCE. DRAIN. GATE. DRAIN. (TAB). Data Sheet. July .

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What happens if no speaker is attached? This omission was probably a mistake on my part, as the problem of positive-grid-conduction is a large one. The cathode follower must be robust enough to pass the required grid current. In other words, although the inter-stage signal transformer will out perform a coupling capacitor, it is not a slam-dunk or easy-to-implement solution. In contrast, the following circuit will allow the grid to become positive relative to the cathode, as the MOSFET’s source can fall below 0V.

The grid swings in phase with the cathode, so a negative feedback loop is in place, which means that the cathode must see much larger voltage swings to bring the output stage to full power.

IRF G40 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

In that brief period of time, the primary can erratically swing thousands of volts, as the primary impedance has risen to near infinity. For other grounded-grid single-ended design ideas of a class-A1 nature, see post numberwhere you find this circuit.


The grounded-grid amplifier topology offers greater high-frequency extension than the grounded-cathode amplifier, as it sidesteps the problem of Miller-effect capacitance, but at the cost of having to drive the low-impedance cathode rather datashet the high-impedance grid.

Class-A operation makes it easy. Imagine if a friend sent you the following schematic and asked for your comments.

While playing music, on the other hand, we face potential problems. There was a time when I would not dare show such irfp40 extravagant design, but now that we live in an age of 1W OTL power amplifier datashfet use four B output tubes, this design seems almost beer-budget.

In fact, this is the highest quality kit I’ve seen anywhere, of anything. Lead finish uncontrolled in L1. To purchase, please visit our Yahoo Store: It’s not a bad idea, but the tube must get its own floating heater power supply and it must be robust enough to pass the grid current.

I didn’t draw the dashed line between the two switches, but the two work in unison. No signal gain is provided, so a hot balanced line stage or an internal input and driver stage will be needed. For more information, please visit our Web site: Now, V – 60V is V, which divided by mA equals ohms, with 2.


Well, sometimes you feel like single-ended, sometimes you feel like push-pull. Click on images to see enlargements. I wish everyone did business like you.

(PDF) IRFPG40 Datasheet download

We find the required bias voltage by traveling down the mA horizontal line until we hit V, which appears to be at about Vdc. The obvious danger is toasting the NPN transistor. Xian and Mingxin actually photo. You must also remember that the grid can draw a substantial amount of current, when driven positive relative to the cathode.

A nice feature to add would be an auto-bias and DC offset servo.

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For about twice as much, you can buy a 4. I’m sure you could charge double and still have happy customers. On the other hand, just two B output tubes configured as a cathode follower, working into an output irflg40, would deliver the same 16W of single-ended output.

The grid will begin conducting current and the current will augment the secondary’s negative swing. Often the safety diode is shown with the zener symbol, which is appropriate, as the diode’s breakdown voltage functions as a high-voltage zener. Dimension D and E do not include mold flash.