We have all heard the expression that as practi- tioners we are’standing on the shoulders of giants’? With neurophysiologist Irvin Korr’s passing one of the true. Photograph of Irvin Korr and Ola Grimsby; Attached to page 39 of the Irvin M. Korr scrapbook, color photograph with Korr in the foreground, taken during. Page 29 of the Irvin M. Korr scrapbook; Oct Page has images of Harold Magoun Jr and Irvin Korr attached to it, page has a clear plastic covering;

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Irvin Korr Explanation – ASTHMA OSTEOPATHY

Varying motor thresholds – pressure klrr the spinous processes produced reflex muscle contraction at and close to the segment. The latter, once formed, will behave as an additional source of bombardment for the facilitated segment, aggravating the somatic lesion which, in turn, will cause more intense irritation of the viscera.

Attached to scrapbook page.

Korr scrapbook, black and white photograph of Kim sitting, wooden fence behind him; If damage in muscle caused spinal facilitation and consequently visceral dysfunction, it would mean that each time we damage our muscles it would automatically result in some visceral dysfunction.

The information thus flows from the receptor to the medullary segment, from the medullary segment to the metamer and hence to the initial receptor. The descending influences from higher centres were not included in the model, although they have profound segmental influences. Spinal facilitation does occur and can be seen following musculoskeletal injuries. Gray and Gold Scrapbook; No Date. The small walk, the small slip … any phenomenon is interdependent of what precedes it. Offensive or offensive tissues present detectable changes on the surface of the body: The original research Korr, Denslow and their co-workers were the first to describe the facilitated segments in osteopathic medicine.


Both movement and autonomic activity are heavily organised from above the spinal cord Sherrington, ; Folkow, ; Bard, ; Brown, ; Ganong, ; Schmidt, Important issues such as neuromuscular rehabilitation following musculoskeletal injuries, central nervous damage, posture and movement guidance, the psychodynamics of touch and psychophysiological processes and pain management have never been addressed in depth.

Irvin Korr Career

Korr — Volume 2: In all subjects they found varying levels of neurological activity at different segmental levels. The facilitation process would be initiated when aberrant sensory information from an area of damage or pathology muscle or viscera was conveyed via the afferents to the spinal cord. For example, if you prod different parts of your own leg, you will find some areas are more tender, with the muscles feeling stiffer, and if you press hard enough you may make the muscle contract to evade pain and discomfort.

Images loose from the page, adhesive from page backing is beginning to stain clear plastic.

This omission is unrealistic – the spinal centres do not work in isolation from the oorr centres. Korr scrapbook, view of Korr standing in front of a group of people, handwritten on the back of the image is ” Univ of Sydney Australian Osteopaths chairman – Alan Griffiths Do.

Page 2 irvinn the Irvin M. For example, one moment we sit and then abruptly we get up and we run to catch a bus. They failed to demonstrate relevance to osteopathic manual therapy – Another interesting point is that there is no mention in all these studies of which form of manual technique could bring about autonomic changes.


In other words, when an osteopath restores the mobility of an articular segment of the spine mobility being a very relative notionit would have a double action locally and remotely.

A few facts, some theories, many questions Restoring the musculoskeletal system to its human context. Health requires a smooth functioning of our somatic machinery neuro-musculo-skeletalwhich is the source of most of jorr sensory irvkn that reaches the spinal cord.

Schmidt RA Motor learning and performance: Presented in this way in Volume 2it is hoped that Dr. The second volume of collected papers has come into being for several reasons. Inserted into the pocket on page 93 of the Irvin M. Some definitions of osteopathy … Other definitions How to explain the effectiveness of osteopathy?

Still Color photograph of books by A. The original research consisted of several studies which were irin out on a large number of normal healthy subjects.

The Collected Papers of Irvin M. Korr – Vol. 2

The logical next step of these studies was never taken and was totally side-stepped in the articles, i. Again, they concluded that these changes were due to facilitation. If you ask a subject to stand on one leg there will be considerable differences in the muscle activities of the two legs. Irvin Korr in Igvin