ISO 7816-2 PDF

ISO/IEC specifies the dimensions and locations for each of the contacts on an integrated circuit card of an ID-1 card type. It also provides. ISO describes the physical characteristics of smart chip cards. It includes accommodation of exposure limits for electromagnetic phenomena such as. ISO is one of most important standards in the smart card industry. Parts of ISO specify physical characteristics, dimensions and location of the.

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ISO Design and use of identification cards having integrated circuits with contacts It specifies the physical characteristics, layout, recording techniques, numbering system and registration procedures. We might like to conjecture on which is the better position for the chip in terms of mechanical stress but perhaps we should just settle for agreement.

The ISO standard aligns with the use of two widely used external clock frequencies, 3. Define your site main menu. ISO Identification cards – Financial transaction cards The loaded data may contain, for example, code, keys and applets. The parity bit is defined to achieve even parity which means that the number of 1’s in the 8 data 7816-22 and the parity bit together results in an even number.

The synchronous mode of operation is more commonly met with the memory card ICs as used for telephone applications. Registration of application providers”. Commands and mechanisms for security operations”. This part specifies the power, signal structures, and the structure for the answer to reset between an integrated circuit card s with synchronous transmission and an interface device such as a terminal.


The format of a character frame is shown in figure Although the integrated circuit could contain its own clock circuit for driving the internal logic, in practice most IC chips are supplied with an external clock by the interface device. We have previously discussed the position and definition of the IC connector and have identified eight contacts of which six are currently defined.

Retrieved 19 April Electronic signals and answer to reset for synchronous cards”. Identification of persons using biometric methods is outside the scope of this standard.

Commands for card management”. Most IC cards have a power consumption of between 10mA and 20mA at 3. In particular the standard defines more precisely the physical dimensions of the card as follows: Variation in thickness or even slight warping of the card can cause communications failure.

ISO Introduction

It further defined the concept of sleep mode not covered by ISO where the IC chip can reside in a latent mode preserving volatile memory contents with a maximum power consumption of uA. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The reset signal is asserted by the interface device and is used to start up the program contained in the IC ROM. This standard relates to the card identification number or PAN Primary Account Number which consists of three parts, the issuer identifer number IINthe individual account identifier and the check digit. The choice and conditions of use of iwo mechanisms may affect card exportability.


The 7816 Standard

This standard specifies the location of the magnetic material, the location of the encoded data tracks and the beginning and end of the encoding. One of the issues surrounding the use of the IC card relates to the temperature range for operational use. The principal subjects to be considered are as follows: It defines the basic commands for reading, writing and updating of card data.

Although the PC operates in full duplex mode. Return to page 1. The ISO family includes eleven parts which are in a constant state of flux as they are subject to revision and update.

The RSC interface iwo defines two separate wires for data transmission and reception which would need hardware modification in order to interface with the single wire IC card directly. Commands for application management in a multi-application environment”. Annexes are provided that give examples of operations related to digital signatures, certificates and the import and export of asymmetric keys.