I herewith attached the notes and possible questions for UNIT-IV and UNIT-V. Hope it will be useful for the III IAT and University Examinations. Name: IT & Service Oriented Architecture Roots of SOA – Characteristics of SOA – Comparing SOA to client-server and distributed internet architectures. SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE – IT REGULATION QUESTION . (May/June ) Write short notes on business activities in web services.

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List out the common layers required by a development and runtime platform for building SOA. What is the usage of envelope element in SOAP message structures?

WSDL definition hosts multiple child constructs associated with abstract and concrete parts of the service description. What is preference attribute?

What is marshalling and unmarshalling? What logic should be encapsulated by each service. Click here for upcoming cashier training. WS-Policy by itself does not provide a negotiation solution for Web services.

That is, a web woa is just a facade, and there is no way to tell whether it fronts a “legacy application” or “a set of complex services”.

Techniques that ensure channel security can be used for securing messages. What are the business service models that business service layers offers? Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

What are the potential types of logic suitable for abstract orchestration layer? Explain how SOA can be compared to client-server architecture. These services are well defined business functionality that is built as software components that can be reused for different purposes. The underlying logic is under complete control and ownership of the service. List any four SOA Characteristics? Diversity in the Workplace. Server-side components, now located on dedicated application servers, would then share and manage pools of database connections, alleviating the burden of concurrent usage on the database server A single connection could easily facilitate multiple users.


It’s important to realize that when a service is interfacing to or communicating with another system, there will always be some level of dependency on the interfaces and existence of the other system. In RMI, marshalling is done either via serialization or externalization. Write short notes on: Briefly explain the operations in entity centric?

IT2401 Service oriented architecture 07sem

List the logical components of automation logic. Explain about service oriented design process. Describe about JAXB architecture in detail. The ability to easily use components developed in other languages.

Complete Coverage!

PGM – C Programming. What are wrapper soaa Discuss WS- security language in detail. List out the objectives of service Oriented Design. These services are strictly solution and business process agnostic, built for reuse by any application that needs to access or manage information associated with a particular entity. Define service oriented analysis. What do you mean by loose coupling? Explain the entity — centric and task centric business service design in detail.


Examples include a static direct connection between a requester agent and a provider agent. What are the 2 types of autonomy? What is Coarse Grained service? Discuss about Business service layer and Orchestration service layer in detail. List out some guidelines of service modeling. List the benefits of SOA?

Message information goes here New language features such as inheritance, interfaces, and overloading for object-oriented programming; support for explicit free threading that allows creation of multithreaded, scalable applications; support for structured exception handling and custom attributes.

Example of English 11 Project based lesson. It is achieved through the use of service contracts that allow services. Services are autonomous comment? Discuss about different service layer in detail. Describe application service design in a step by step process. Digital signatures techniques can be used to help ensure non-repudiation.

IT Service oriented architecture 07sem

Describe in detail about entity-centric business service design in a step by step process. An open, extensible, federated, composable architecture that promotes service-orientation and is composed of autonomous, QoS-capable, osa diverse, interoperable, discoverable and potentially reusable services implemented as web services. How do components in an SOA inter-relate?