Jagdpanther vs SU Eastern Front Duel Author: David R. Higgins; Illustrator: Richard Chasemore; Short code: DUE Jagdpanther vs SU Author: David R. Higgins ISBN: 1 6. Contributor: Andrew Nguyen Review Date: 17 Sep As with all German. However, from page 33 until the end of the book, we leave the discussion specifically of the Jagdpanther and SU, and launch into a military.

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KeystoneCops, on 14 June – Purely on performance, I think I’d still go for a Jagdpatnher For better ventilation two ventilator units were installed, instead of only one as in the SU Crazedtiger77, on 04 November – III chassisand typically more economical both in resources and cost. Where did you get such high expectations of this place to think someone would jzgdpanther do that? BlazinWeedies, on 20 November – One thing people seem to miss out on the SU was its main flaw: After the Second World War this gun was installed on T and T tanks; these vehicles and their derivatives were in service forty years after initial development.

Russian SU at a tank biathlon. It was modified slightly to adapt it to the sandy conditions of the Middle East, thus creating the SUM variant [ citation needed 1000.

Review: Jagdpanther vs SU Eastern Front | IPMS/USA Reviews

I also dislike the German use of interleaved suspension. KATI marked it as to-read Sep 19, The Jagdpanther seems to have a slight edge over the SU in speed and terrain performance, with the SU being the slightly more agile vehicle.


Real life performance, because apparently posting in the historical board isn’t sufficient. Jobber added it Sep 19, Also, pure performance, not reliability.

Plus Russian doctrine called for closing to as close to the enemy as possible. Leave this field blank: The German Jagdpanther and Soviet SU, both turretless tank destroyer designs based on a ‘traditional’ turret-tank chassis, were the culminating examples of how the progression of experience, resources and time constraints produced vehicles that were well suited for roles of defence and offence, respectively. Unfortunately though, English books specifically about the SU seem to be essentially nonexistent, and I have been limited in my ability to research this tank.

Gorlitskiychief designer of all medium Soviet self-propelled guns. Andrew marked it as to-read Nov 23, It was used extensively during the last year of World War II and saw service for many years afterwards with the armies of Soviet allies around the world.

Please log in to reply. I will have to answer this in a variety of ways. Matthew, I’d like to introduce you to Wehraboo Bingo. They tested a 30 mm thick section of its armour by firing a 45 mm shell at it.


Little thought on either side was put into providing the slower moving foot soldiers with self propelled artillery or anti tank capabilities. Center for Strategic and International Studies Press. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: In-game though, I’d chose the Su overall, not because it’s a better tank but because it’s just as good but has twice the respawns XD. MegaB0B0 6 Posted 04 November – Matthew J35U5 3 Posted 04 November – Want to Read saving….

Frankly I don’t much like either of them, but if I had to pick one I’d rather have the SU, more reliable with a better gun. All in all, both are strong frontally for the WWII era, but are very weak everywhere else.

SU-100 vs Jagdpanther

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Still though, from what I understand of the two vehicles, here is my analysis of jqgdpanther two.

Also, the extra m of shell velocity will make a difference as far as shell trajectory goes and allow a straighter shot to be taken. It is not limited to icing, but other debris can cause issues between the overlapping wheels. Retrieved 19 April