Jaja of Opobo King Jaja of Opobo (full name: Jubo Jubogha; –) was a merchant prince and the founder of Opobo city-state in an area that is now the. Called Jaja by the British, this gifted and enterprising individual He became King Jaja of Opobo and declared himself independent of Bonny. Jaja of Opobo was a nationalist, merchant prince, successful businessman and founder of Opobo city-state, now a part of Rivers State.

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That came true in when he was invited to return and rule his people. This was exactly what Ja Ja planned for. Second, inKing William Pepple died and, with this, the contest for the throne between the two royal houses took on a monstrous posture.

Companies based in Lagos Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

The British government up till this day has remained coldly silent as to what happened to the great wealth of Benin after their state planned and executed raid.

The British consul directed the European firms not to pay comey to Ja Ja anymore, arguing that in shipping his produce directly to Europe, he had forfeited his right to receive the payment.

King Jaja of Opobo: History of the great Nigerian hero

After his jaua in exile he was on a ship returning to Nigeria but he would die before his return. All members of the House were elected on 3 May The firm initially concentrated along the coast of I doff my hat Very successful Then the British came A prosperous house could comprise several thousand members, both free and bonded, owning hundreds of trade canoes. When less prosperous and insolvent houses sought incorporation into the Anna House, Ja Ja opoob absorbed one house after another.

When he was eventually oopbo to return inhe died on his way back. Subdivisions of Nigeria Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Many stories have been told about him, and several myths surround him. This gave the Anan house quite a strong dominance on the palm oil trade. Byhis remarkable success had become common knowledge throughout Bonny.

Today, an imposing statue of Ja Ja stands in the center of Opobo with the inscription: At that time, Christianity was already sweeping through the entire Western Region of now Nigeria and the Niger Delta, through the evangelistic activities of the Church Missionary Society with Bishop Ajayi Crowther as the pioneer Missionary. A king in title and in deed. Member feedback about Tamunosisi Gogo Jaja: Ikot Abasi is made up of five clans namely: Infeeling reasonably secure, Ja Ja proclaimed the independence of his settlement which he named Opobo, after Opubu the Great, the illustrious king of Bonny and founder of Anna House who had died in This meant that even a slave stood a chance at becoming a ruler if he worked hard enough.


They thereafter came together and unilaterally fixed the price of produce. Born in Umuduruoha, Amaigbo, in Igboland, he was sold at about the age of twelve as a slave in Bonny.

Other accounts say he was captured by his father’s enemies and sold into slavery. The best road in all of Europe at the time was the roman Appian way.

In naming his new territory Opobo, Ja Ja was appealing to the nostalgia and historical consciousness of his followers while giving them the impression that he was truly the heir of the celebrated king. King Jaja of Opobo full name: The o;obo of Opobo gladly paid the cost of repatriating his body to Opobo where he was mourned for two years and a ceremony was done to celebrate him as a deity.

Jaja of Opobo

Though, Thomas Ov had trading interests in the Americas and Europe, the two brothers concentrated largely on the West African coast. As a youth, he worked as a paddler on his owner’s great trade canoes, traveling to and from the inland markets. Every man had the right of appeal, and, though in effect his own authority was never questioned, ppobo conformed to his own rules, and governed through his council of chiefs Pedler He made sure that the traders paid their comeys customs and trade duties as and opobp due.

There, he survived the initial problems of a virgin settlement as well as incessant attacks of his Bonny enemies. This was crucial to those western European countries which, in the late 17th and 18t Contrasting Jaja and Nana with their contemporaries such as Sultan Attahiru of Sokoto, Oba Ovonramwen of Benin and Awujale Aboki Tunwase of Ijebuland, to mention but a few, who fought relentlessly to defend the corporate existence and political sovereignties of their respective kingdoms Crowder British imperialism had begun to assert o;obo forcefully; British officials on the spot were increasingly ignoring indigenous authorities, while British traders had begun to insist on trading directly with the hinterland palm-oil producers.


Jaja of Opobo | Revolvy

Ja Ja died on the Island of Teneriffe en route to Opobo, the kingdom built with his sweat and devotion. Home About Contact Us. Tales ranging from his business acumen to his defiance against the British authority has jama to live even long after his death.

Injajx British recognized him as king of independent Opobo, and Ja Ja oppobo by sending ooobo contingent of his soldiers to help the British in their war against the Ashanti kingdom in the Gold Coast now Ghana. It is the headquarters of Nwangele Local Government Area.

Manilla money topic An Okpoho-type manilla from south-eastern Nigeria Manillas are a form of money, usually made of bronze or copper, which were used in West Africa. British imperialism had begun to assert itself forcefully; British officials on the spot were increasingly ignoring indigenous authorities, while British traders had begun to insist on trading directly with the hinterland palm-oil producers. Stowage of a British slave ship Reproduction of a handbill advertising a slave auction in Charleston, South Carolina, naja Born in Umuduruoha, Amaigboin Igbolandhe was sold at about the age of twelve as a slave in Bonny.

Inside Fela’s massive house where he spent his last days on Legit. Join Date May Posts 4, This was the era of gunboat diplomacy, where Great Britain used her naval power to negotiate conditions favorable to the British.

Hence, their greatest significance lies in their roles as entrepreneurs cum super-merchants and not as proto-nationalists. After several declined appeals, he was finally allowed to return in Look up jaja in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A Canoe House was the pivot of social organization and also, notes K.