Hexatonics (Inside Improvisation Series, 7) [Jerry Bergonzi] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hexatonics, is the seventh volume of Jerry. vol.7 S:JJUJXJH L lOA S31~3S NOIIVSIAO~dWI 3alSNI IZNOH:l39 A1H:l3r.. .!:,-X 1t~)r:1L-:’ “~pter 1 D C C pter’: C C::a ;’ter 3. Jerry Bergonzi: INSIDE IMPROVISATION SERIES VOLUME 7: HEXATONICS, Paperback Book & CD Package, All Instruments, and thousands more titles.

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Vol – [Jerry Bergonzi] Documents. I had looked through some of his previous books but this one looked the interesting to me. Jerry’s book is more practical than Gary’s book. The hexatonic to play is written above the bar with the chord symbol below. E-7 A7 D-7 G7 Of course, improvising and using only one particular hexatonic sounds very onedimensionaL Nevertheless, it is a good way to practice in order to make it your own.

Berklee Jazz Harmony Rendering these scales in the form of triad pairs yields more variety in tone color and suggests novel melodic possibilities. Jerry Bergonzi – Vol 2 – Pentatonics Documents. Donate to Casa Valdez!!

On an F7 chord, it sounds the: Is there some sort of system or are they just presented randomly? In other words, why start with Major a whole step up followed by minor a whole step above a Major triad?

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Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics

They are easy to think of and combining them is an accessible task jerrt the soloist. Newer Post Older Post Home. On a minor 7th chord, the upper triad sounds the 9,: Try anticipating the dominant chord by playing the hexatonic on the preceding minor 7 chord.

We improvise in” the sound of the voicing and using hexatonic voicings and lines can lend avery contemporary sound. Note that sometimes the hexatonic includes an avoid note. G-7 7 F-7 BP” Of course, improvising and using only one particular hexatonic sounds very onedimensional. Jerry Bergonzi- Pentatonics-Vol 2 Documents. Sure, only a few different ones, but they’re coming out. See also Chapter 9.

Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics.pdf

Of course, context is everything! Try antiCipating the dominant chord by playing the hexatonic on the preceding minor 7 chord. This book will focus on the ones that are practical for the improviser and composer. It fits well over diminished chords or dominant chords that are being played with diminished scales.

In some cases additional naturals are given. This hexatonic can be played over many different chords. It is useful to note that chord symbols can leave a lot to be desired and may not completely capture what the composer had in mind. Have each hexatonic be 1 bar,2 bars or 4 bars each. Triads are incredibly strong sounding melodic devices. Like a blues scale, in the wrong hands this could be devastating! The chords in parenthesis are optional as they create more of an altered sound.


Inside Improvisation Series, Vol. 7: Hexatonics: Book & CD

By using two triads, bi-tonal effects are created. Jerry Bergonzi Vol 3 Jazz Line Yes, here they are.

B- jC-Try playing 8 notes vo, any hexatonic melody using the notes of the grid as starting note”. Try integrating this approach with other melodic material. The book is big and just shy of pages. The motion defines the context. For example, when playing the over a A,7 chord, it bergonzu the major 7 as well as the ,7, which will work in certain circumstances.

Have each hexatonic be I bar, 2 bars or 4 bars each.

These are the work books from Jazz Harmon Jerry Bergonzi – Inside Improvisation Vol. On a dominant chord, the two triads include the: I’ve heard some rave reviews on Walt Weiskopf s book how do you spell that name? After playing through a bunch of different keys and permutations of each pair you are able to apply each over a few different tunes.

Triad pair are basically the same thing as hexatonic scales. There are numerous hexatonic scales.