More than 27% of total phenolics were lost in blanched refiner. the increasing loss of lycopene and total phenolics during steam blanching could occur when. Keywords: Enzymatic browning, dipping, blanching, coating, preservation. Introduction. Fruit and vegetables have health benefits for consumers, due to their. Abstract. The effect of hot-water blanching (HWB) on drying characteristics and product qualities of dried apple slices with the novel integrated.

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The observed samples were placed on one surface of a two-sided adhesive tape that was fixed to the sample support.

Pengaruh Blanching terhadap Sifat Antioksidasi Sirup Kunir Putih (Curcuma Mangga Val.) – Neliti

For example, materials after blanching should be quickly cooled with cold running water, drained with vibratory or centrifugal equipment, frozen with fluidized bed freezer or cold storage, and then dried in vacuum freeze dryer.

Meanwhile, water content and water solubility index in the range 4. In order to simplify the food FD processes and shorten the drying time, we proposed a novel integrated freeze-drying NIFD processing technology based on the principle of vacuum cooling and vacuum freeze dryer [ 910 ]. Effect of blanching 80 o C and drying oven method have proved to be better production of orange sweet potato flour.

African Journal of Biotechnology

In every processing method, 5 SEM images were taken from the dried apple samples to analyze the pores network structure.

The SR of the dried sample was calculated as follows: In other words, the moisture content of samples after VF was much lower than that after PF. Vacuum freeze-drying is one of the best methods for food drying. Journal of Food Quality. Blanchkng conventional freeze-drying CFD processing line, all the individual steps require independent equipment or facility. The processing time was the sum of freezing time and FD time. Budidaya dan Analisis Usaha Tani.

The porosity of freeze-dried samples in the three methods was shown as Figure Email this article Login required. And some experiments of fruits and vegetables including apple were performed by this NIFD processing technology [ 910 ]. Then, measurements of pores area obtained from binarized images were carried out by the Image Pro-Plus software Media Cybernetics, Inc. Email the author Login required. Cross-sectional observed samples for scanning electron microscopy SEM analyses were obtained by naturally fracturing the freeze-dried samples with the aiding of instant freezing by liquid nitrogen.

The water evaporation in apple samples during the VF treatment was an intensive and short process blwnching self-dehydration, while no jurnap water evaporation happened in the PF treatment because it was performed at atmospheric pressure by using mechanical refrigeration and heat conduction. Color measurements of freeze-dried samples and rehydrated samples were carried out by using a colorimeter NH, Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co.


The CFD process technology is characterized by many disadvantages including complicated process steps, large space occupation, huge equipment investment, frequent materials transferring, long drying time, and high production cost [ 14 ].

Tropical Sources of Starch. Blanchimg results showed that value of yield from After HWB pretreatment, cell membrane was partly detached from cell wall and became thinner and partially broken, which can contribute to the results of the dehydration and softening in cell tissue, the increase of cell membrane permeability, and the decrease in tissue hardness.

View at Google Scholar A. It was found that mass loss of apple samples at the end of the VF treatment are much higher than that jurrnal the PF treatment because they were caused blanchng completely different action principles.

Abstract Purple Dioscorea alata DA tuber has health benefits due to its bioactive anthocyanins, which belong to polyphenolic group. So the energy of water evaporation was not only dedicated to the cooling and freezing of apple samples.

The types of treatments during milling process should be taken into account; for instance, soaking in citric acid and blanching in order to preserve the bioactive compounds. The above expected effect was achieved.

Theoretically, the mass loss would be closely corresponding to the frozen temperature of samples complying with the principle of conservation of energy during the VF process. It had been reported that loss was found to occur during the blanching process, which was probably caused by high-temperature thermal degradation, leaching of into the blanch water and involving in the ascorbic acid oxidation [ 3335 ].

User Username Password Remember me. More specifically, the post-blanching steps in the CFD process including quick cooling, draining, and freezing were replaced with the only step of vacuum freezing, which was conducted in the same vacuum freeze dryer.

In addition, apparent photographs of freeze-dried samples were blnching with a camera to compare with the SEM photographs. The study was conducted with a CRD by factorial. During FD, the whole dehydrating process is accomplished in the state of high vacuum and low temperature, which almost retains the original color, shape, smell, and nutritional ingredients in fresh materials [ 1 — 3 ]. Abstract The research on the effect of blancing on antioxidant properties of white saffron syrup Curcuma mangga Val jhrnal conducted.

Pengaruh Blanching terhadap Sifat Antioksidasi Sirup Kunir Putih (Curcuma Mangga Val.)

It can be inferred that ice melting and collapsing occurred during the FD process because of the incomplete freezing status caused by insufficient mass loss during the VF treatment.


Additionally, high-temperature blanching itself can relax and soften the apple tissue and undermine the mechanics properties of porous structure in freeze-dried murnal slices [ 40 ], which can also contribute to the hardness reduction of dried samples in HWB-VF-FD and HWB-PF-FD.

During the VF treatment, water on the surface and in the tissue of apple slices evaporated quickly due to exposing to specific vacuum conditions, which resulted in an blabching mass loss and a rapid decrease in the materials temperature [ 2526 ]. Apple is one of the most popular fruits worldwide in our life. A bright and white appearance of product in HWB-VF-FD is naturally more popular with customers whether for freeze-dried samples or for rehydrated samples.

It was hurnal that HWB pretreatment resulted in evident changes to cell tissue. This journal is published under the terms of the is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. Cin Chinese, C, Kimia Pangan Dan Gizi. Apple samples blanchinng hot-water pretreatment were performed with plate freezing treatment and freeze-drying process. It can be attributed to the fact that short-time action blancing high-temperature blanching generally produces profound changes to the cell microstructure including boanching coagulation, water loss and shrinkage of intercellular spaces, plasmolysis, increase in permeability or even disruption of cell membranes, and decrease in bound or hydrophilic capacity of extracellular and intracellular water [ 29 — 31 ], which definitely contributed to faster water-evaporating speed and higher mass loss in HWB-VF-FD.

The removed heat either from the material trays or from the plates due to the temperature difference before and after the VF treatment was absorbed mostly by the latent heat of water evaporation from apple samples. In Figure 8a significant shrinkage and collapse phenomenon was observed in the freeze-dried samples in VF-FD Figure 8 awhose volume was much smaller than the others, while HWB-VF-FD obtained a flat and full appearance in the samples which was almost the same as that in HWB-PF-FD Figures 8 a and 8 bshowing a good performance of retaining the original shape of fresh blznching.

State Blancihng Property Office of the P. Mass loss and frozen temperature of apple samples at the end of freezing treatment in 3 freeze-drying methods.