GRAVE WITCH: An Alex Craft Novel. EXCERPT: The first time I encountered Death, I hurled my mother’s medical chart at him. As far as impressions went, I blew. Grave Witch (Alex Craft) [Kalayna Price] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Not even death can save her now. As a grave witch, Alex Craft. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Only a thin border separates the worlds of the : Grave Witch: An Alex Craft Novel (Alex Craft Series Book 1) eBook: Kalayna Price: Kindle Store.

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Death was hot though. I thought Alex was kind of interesting and funny and the Fae lore was a little different and the prophecy was at least inventive and creative on behalf of the author.

Kalayna Price – Wikipedia

If you want to hear voices from the dead in Nekros City, you call Alex Craft. She has a little dog who is the only constant man in her, and that’s the way she likes it. Grave Visions Kalayna Price.

The idea of him as a potential love interest just spells trouble in my mind, but it would be pricce to see it work out. I really enjoyed this book. Crouching, I pressed the waxy chalk to the linoleum floor.


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Grave Witch by Kalayna Price | : Books

Only Ms Harris could sell a look that is better suited to Barbie dolls. Once Bitten Haven, 1 3. But as the dead continue to rise and wreak havoc on the living, can she get to the soul of the matter in time? Especially how her father made her suffer, and he was keeping that secret! What people are saying about the Alex Craft novels. Third Blood Haven, 3 3. Then I made my way to the elevators. There is an incredible dynamic of tension whenever he is around because he loves to keep Alex guessing.

The office door opened, and a shaggy-haired intern in a white coat emerged. A couple of the boys from the station will be joining us.

Kalayna Price

This book was pretty good on the whole, especially when you compare it to some of the kalahna urban fantasy books that I’ve had the misfortune of reading recently. Cannot wait for the next one! Some appear to be good and others, not so nice. But held together with both my heat and power, she was substantial enough to raise.


No, that’s not me finally going over the edge and taking up necrophilia, that’s me talking about the jeans-clad, dangerous and amusing Grim Reaper that is always looking over Alex’s shoulder. The fluorescents buzzed over our heads, mixing with the scrape of our footsteps on the linoleum floor. Some gravve the writing was a little repetitive, but I was able to overlook it for sexy faerie-men detectives. View all 25 comments. And to the plot. The Fae and other magical practitioners are out in the open and life has changed for mundane folks.

I handed the photo and pages to John.

And so thoughtful, too. I’m thinking that this probably suffers from first-book-syndrome. Not that I was kaalyna to be the one to tell his family that fact. As far as first impressions went, I blew it, but I was five at the time, so he eventually forgave me. Behind him loomed Death.

Grave Witch 20 68 Mar 05, Respect had nothing to do with this job.