Analysis and exposition of the causes and the possible remedies for the present state of restlessness prevailing in the world. Kalki, Or, The Future of Civilization. Front Cover. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Hind Kitabs Limited, – Civilization – 64 pages. Get this from a library! Kalki, or The future of civilization. [Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan].

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But the situation is quite contrary: Find it on Scholar. Radhakrishnan is also one of the foremost writers of Indian English literature. The ideas in this volume can act as a guiding force to us in these difficult times. Our modern inventions have reduced the impact of physical distances, but have not been able to bring together our hearts and minds. We have no leisure, no time to enjoy the pleasures of nature or home, no time to spend with and for ourselves and our dear ones, no concentration, no wisdom and no peace.

The actual problem is that we have failed to see human beings as a union of body, mind and soul. A genuine affection and regard for all of humanity is essential. Marriage is a burden for many, and this has led to the urge to seek sexual pleasure outside marriage. Today when most of the world is affected by conflict and decline in ethical values, when terror organizations like the ISIS have unleashed horrifying bloodshed civiilization Europe, the Middle East and Asia, when mass shootings and black versus white conflicts plague the U.

However, most of the younger generation might not know that Dr. And kalji war breaks out, all civilization is lost and every nation becomes worse than a beast. The worst massacres are glorified in the name of nationalism. Under no circumstances should war or bloodshed be supported.


Looking at the civilizzation as one family is the only way to survival. In Economics, it must be realized that wealth is not all. In Marriage, the final goal should be spiritual bliss and satisfaction. As far as Family Life is concerned, Radhakrishnan says that the changing economic situations, lack of proper moral and sexual education and advances in science have transformed marriage from a holy sacrament to a mere trial contract.

Kalki, or the Future of Civilization

But it has also made life very dull and boring. The world has become uniform and united, too close together in the age of globalization, but we have grown far apart. Much has been said and written about Dr.

As per Hindu Puranas or ancient scriptures, Kalki is the name of the last avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In Politics, democracy to be successful must have minimum governance. As far as International Relations are concerned, Radhakrishnan is very direct. They are all selfish and wish to dominate the world. Our democracy cannot succeed until our people become really cultured and educated.

Children are a joy and a blessing, and must be brought up with utmost parental care. Frederick Ferre – Industrialization has resulted in lot of wealth for a few and had made our lives easier. Henryk Skolimowski – – Dialogue and Universalism 22 3: Peter Baofu – – Peter Lang.

The Paths of Civilization: Radhakrishnan calls for an end to narrow-minded nationalism and ot feeling that only my nation is the best.

S. Radhakrishnan, Kalki, or the Future of Civilization – PhilPapers

Beyond Humanity Cyberevolution and Future Minds. Journal of Philosophical Studies 4 This article has no associated abstract. APJ Abdul Kalam, Radhakrishnan feels that science can in fact make us more aware of the power of God or the cosmic energy pervading the universe.

Neil Postman – Science Logic and Mathematics. This entry has no external links.


Sign in to use this feature. His books and essays particularly focus on how Indian culture and philosophy can offer a solution to the many problems of the modern world.

This will stop wars in the name of religion. It is only a minority who belongs to the third category, and considers religion as a means to improve the world.

Such an attitude will increase our faith in spirituality and grant peace to the globe. In the age of mass production and monotonous routine jobs, we are reduced to machines; there is no scope for creativity and happiness in work. For them there is no God, no escape, no vice or virtue, only the cold darkness of death. All other joys of marriage should be stepping stones towards this goal. It is up to the youth of India to re-discover the magic of Dr.

After the satisfaction of our genuine basic needs, we must devote time to leisure, to enjoy our work and our lives. We are still a young civilization in this vast and timeless universe and we need to honestly identify and rectify our errors.

The chief reason for this current crisis is that science and technology has advanced far more rapidly than the human mind and soul. The soul of all improvement, it has been rightly said, is the improvement of the soul….

Thd keywords specified fix it. No categories specified categorize this paper. We need to focus on removing economic disparity and on producing intelligent voters and honest leaders.