काशीपञ्चकम् – श्रीमच्छंकरभगवत्पादविरचितम् KASHI PANCHAKAM OF SRI SANKARACHARYA With the commentary Tatva. The name Kashi or Varanasi brings a feeling of spiritual bliss in our minds. This is the case with all the Hindus of India and abroad. Whether. Coming to Sankaracharya’s Kasi Panchakam, he, being an whatever name you may call the place, Kasi, Prayaga etc., it exists within him.

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God is the Infinite centered in every human heart.

As we identify with the mind, we give a reality to the object of its thoughts. Vedantins are upadanaikasarana meaning that the matrix is the most important for Vedantins. Therefore, what it is not alone is described.

Kashi Panchakam –

This subject-object division and plurality projected by the ignorant mind is mithya, unreal. What it is cannot be described.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I am that kasika, which is the form of, The real knowledge of the soul, Which is pacifier of the mind, Which oasi the greatest consolation, Which is mani karnika among the holy waters, And which is the clear flow of knowledge, the Ganga. We will be able to transcend the mind if and only if the mind is pure. Log in Request account.

Kasi Panchakam

And then, we try to manipulate the content as we seek pleasure and avoid pain. It is freedom from afflictions.

It is Kasi, the space-less timeless self-shining conscious presence. We practise karma yoga, selfless service, to neutralize mahyam. The flow of thoughts is harmless if and only if the content of the mind is realized as unreal. Be a witness to the mind, and the mind becomes pure. Once the mind is pure, we will realize that we are not the mind, but a witness of the mind.


It is as if they are waiting for us to wake up. Puranas tell us that Kasi is the centre of the universe. As we purify the mind by pranayama or control of the mind through regulated breathing, meditation, listening to the scriptures etc.

The flow of thoughts acts as a screen that covers up the truth. A conscious being has to validate its existence through the agency of the eyesight and the mind. The mind is kshetra, field, and all the objects of thought are part and parcel of this field. The truth will reveal itself only when we prepare ourselves for the revelation, and the preparation is the negation of the identification with the body.

The pious take bath there and conduct their prayers. It is conscious presence that transcends all divisions. Upasantih, the dousing of the fire, the fire of affliction. As we withdraw from the mind and start watching it, we realize that we are the knower of the mind.

As the mind becomes pure, it becomes satvika in nature, calm and quiet, loses its rajasa hyperactivity and tamas dullness burden. This ghat symbolizes the negation of identification with the body. Shining is of two kinds.

काशीपञ्चकम् Kashi Panchakam – Sri Adi Shankaracharya Verse – 1

Intellectualizatilon of the truth is not the truth. This inner silence is the conscious presence. Most dead bodies in and around Kasi are brought there for cremation. There is time only when there is a thought and there is space only when we identify with the body. To know the truth, we have to step away from ppanchakam mind and watch it; then, it automatically becomes calm and quiet.


Kasi means Atman, the Awareness Absolute, in which everything shines. We have to know deep within that we are not the mind, and thus transcend the mind. We have to understand that consciousness is the matrix of the universe.

In the waking state too, there are many methods to reduce the agitation of the mind, kzsi. We want the real peace of mind, not the ephemeral one. The sealed Ganges water remains pure for a very long time. It does not declare its existence by itself. You are commenting using your Twitter account. For instance, we talk while taking food, and eating becomes mechanical. Just as the wind does not blow for its own sake, but kasl the sake of the entire manifestation, so also the faculties of the body and mind function not for our benefit alone, but for the welfare of the entire humanity.

When we sleep, all the afflictions are gone and when we wake up, the three types of afflictions come back. The universe is the content of waking consciousness, an appearance in the consciousness.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. No other river has such power of self purification. That self-shining awareness is the Kasi. This site uses cookies. Kassi is also yoga.