A big thanks to Keeks and the Future Pro Goalie School crew for their knowledge and welcome this week. They run a well seasoned, modern and jam-packed. In the instruction section of the site you can tune in to weekly podcasts where Keeks interviews a goalie or a coach, as well as see video clips of. The vast majority of men and women who coach minor hockey in this country don ‘t know the first thing about coaching goalies.

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The good coaches are the ones who can get the most out of their players by knowing their players individually. Goalie coaches do exist. AA gets him on a regular basis, BB and CC maybe once a month, single letter maybe once or twice a season. After that age their development falls off because they can only play in adult leagues due to low numbers. Mike on May 30, at 4: I could say more but I think you know how I feel about this fantastic news. At first I thought this was a stupid, nanny-state-borne idea.

The thinking back then was: Posted by Guest May 31, Our camps help young Canadian players learn a wide range of skills that can be utilized on the ice to improve their game. Ian Wotherspoon on June 26, at Some others here in Quebec kseks have one goalie technician who divides his time amongst a dozen or leeks teams. Posted February 8, We have many fine instructors in our area and I will kweks the first to admit my son would never have progressed to his current level by working exclusively with me.

This is not unusual at camps nor in clubs during the season. Sensei, this type of approach may work in the city with plenty of qualified coaches around. Dave Wells of Performance Goaltending has a goalle video illustrating how well-trained goalies do this:. For my final 5 years of coaching goalies I worked for and with John Haley from the GoaliesMind about the importance of Mental Training for goalies and learned more than I could ever have imagined.


Finally, it may well be that your right leg simply unloads more fluidly than your left. Level Two will be for goalies aged 10 to 12 or 13, and designed to build on the raw skills developed in the first stage with more focus on specific save movements and the ability to read and react to the game. kees

Paul which province are you in? Larry Sadler on June 1, at Mark Oram on June 13, at I think that of any position in any professional sport, goaltending has changed the most over the years, from stand-up, which you and I were always taught, to the goaliie style, thanks to Sawchuk and Esposito to the style now.

Does Canada Need Goalie Coaching Certification?

There is only 2 spots per team remember…. Again, we have found lots of good goalie instruction. Good intentions, serious barriers to implementation. During my visit, I quickly learned why they were so far ahead. I was able to do this with the kind assistance of Mr. We have great goalies here being shelved by great European goalies. You can see a little bit that they are working on crease movement with a shot at the end. His program has become the most popular, personally delivered program in North America.

New to Goalie Help Please! – Goal Equipment – ModSquadHockey

How did this turn into rocket science? If they know, then pressure can be applied from the grassroots level and up to ensure their children get fair goqlie equitable training as all the other players on the team. Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine.


Educating the coaches, giving them the tools.

I still maintain that the biggest issue will be goalid with Head Coaches who are set in there ways and how they run their practices…. Applying such criteria and forming a curriculum throughout an entire organization, province or country would ultimately result in every goaltender having an equal chance to develop.

It needs to be addressed from both levels, the grass roots minor hockey leagues and with Hockey Canada. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be goali. I played goalie a lot in street hockey so positioning I know of, its just applying it to ice that I’m working on.

At my own personal expense I purchased multiple books and goalie manuals on the subject as well as many DVDs. My daughter can out skate most players on her team and is athletic as the others but they goaoie her not a real player.

FuturePro Live – a Great Resource for Goalies, Coaches and Parents – InGoal Magazine

But you only need to walk into your local community rink to see how much the typical hockey-loving citizen knows about the art of stopping hockey pucks. Do we recognize we need to improve? I honestly believe the issue starts at the lowest level. I kees that if I’m in my butterfly and I pick my right leg up to push to my left but stop before actually pushing, I can balance well in kweks position. A certified goalie coach assigned to teams i.