Visit us on the web at for more information: • Price Quotations • Drivers· Technical Specifications. Manuals and Documentation . Model System DMM Instruction Manual Rev. D. Manual Type: Primary User; Part Number: D. Release Date: Sep 17 View and Download Keithley DMM instruction manual online. 5 function autoranging digital multimeter. DMM Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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Keithley 196 DMM Instruction Manual

Set up the instrument as desired or run Program 37 Reset to return the instrument to the factory default conditions. As long as new readings are within this window, the displayed value is based on the weighted average equa- tion. The step response for this filter is of the form: Keithley Cover Off. Pressing either of these buttons will cancel autorange, if it was previous selected.

196 System DMM Instruction Manual | Keithley

For example, the factory default HI limit on the 3V range is 3. The secondary function of this button is to select the ZERO program and enter the number 7. Widely varying temperatures within the circuit can also create thermal emfs.

Typical invalid command strings include: If the displayed frequency setting matches the available line frequency, proceed to step 4. Additional information on ohms offset compen- sation can be found in paragraph 2.

December 5, at 9: Repeat the mV measurement at the other frequencies specified in Table If it is desired to retain the displayed M value, proceed to step 4. The entire command string will be ignored.

AH Acceptor Handshake — AHl defines the ability of the Model to properly handshake the bus when it is ac- ting as an acceptor of data or commands. While most of today systems are using little endian for storing data, old Motorola CPU used in lot of Keithley instruments using big endian, so before you flash your ROM s, make sure endian is correct.


The interface function codes, which are part of the IEEE standards, define an instrument’s ability to support various interface functions, and they should not be confused with programming commands found elsewhere in this manual. Instead of the more difficult method of adjusting a number of potentiometers, the user need only apply an appropriate calibration signal and send the calibra- tion value over the bus. Disable zero and leave it disabled for the remainder of the ohms verification procedure.

For best results on theTo make resistance measurements, proceed as follows: A filter value can be set for any or all measurement func- tions and is remembered by each function.

Full text of “Keithley: KEI Instruction”

Perform the following general procedure to trigger readings into data store from the front panel: To transmit the SDC command, the controller must per- form the following steps: Offset-compensation is selected as shown in Figure Bit 3 Reading Done — Set when the instrument has com- pleted the present reading conversion. Mwnual use ZERO for zero correction, mnaual the following steps: The serial polling sequence is generally conducted as follows: The more the readings, the closer the display will be to the step change.

The instrument will return to the previously defin- ed state of operation. The step response was one reading to this change.

The Model reads only the signal received at its input; therefore, it is important that this signal be properly transmitted from the source. If it is desired to modify the value of M, do so using the data keys. Display opera- tion may be returned to normal by entering the following statement: Calibration commands will be ignored 16 the following message will be displayed keitjley Note however, that the value of L and H are scaled according to the range in use.


To return the instrument to the factory power up default mxnual, use Program 37 Reset and save the condi- tions using Program The external trigger input requires a falling edge pulse at TTL logic levels, as shown in Figure That Translator word will retain its original definition. Often the user may incorrectly suspect that the hardware is causing a problem, when it was the software all along.

Energize the circuit using the installed connect- disconnect device and make measurements without disconnecting the DMM. The list will be transmitted only once each time the command is received. December 4, at 7: SH Source Handshake –SH1 defines the ability of the Model to properly handshake data or command bytes when the unit is acting as a source.

To exit the program without changing the previous default conditions, press any front panel button except the ENTER button. Perform the follow- ing steps to use this program: Unofficial schematics by xDevs.

Model instruction manual with schematics, Rev. Select a function and range that is appropriate for the anticipated measurement. The U2 command can also be used to list the Translator words see paragraph 3. Effects not noticeable when working with higher voltages are significant in nanovolt and microvolt signals.