Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State — Ken Knabb Sep 18, pp. The Joy of Revolution — Ken Knabb Sep 18, pp. Public Secrets has 18 ratings and 3 reviews. Dave said: The Author, Ken, donated a number of his books to an anarchist bookstore in the bay area. From th . 4 quotes from Ken Knabb: ‘When the machine grinds to a halt, the cogs themselves begin wondering about their function.’, ‘Beauty, when it is not a promise of.

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Feel free to bringing it up to where you are now. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

A movement that can only endlessly rehash musty councilist or anarcho-syndicalist dogmas knbab many kernels of truth the latter may contain is not enough. The second half of the book contains virtually all of Knabb’s previous publications.

Later that same year, he discovered some pamphlets by the Situationist International and was knaabb struck by them that he began experimenting with critiques and interventions in a style similar to that of the situationists. It seems to me nkabb there remains a lot of interesting material from that period. Or, supposing that it might interest someone who was new to such things, this proposed text could just as well have been written and distributed by a single kabb without kfn for all this debate about the parameters of the group.

Or, perhaps more properly, what would you do in my situation? Virtually each of them offers some pretty vital, sometimes unique, slant on what it means to be human, what life is, has been, or could be, new conceptions of self and world, etc. Facebook YouTube Flickr Email. Some BOPSecrets articles for the discerning Buddhist with Situationist leanings In Ken Knabb wrote “Strong Lessons for Engaged Buddhists,” a leaflet welcoming the emergence of socially engaged Buddhism while pointing out a number of its shortcomings.


Ultimately we can solve survival issues only by refusing to be blackmailed by ,nabb, by aggressively ien beyond them to challenge the whole anachronistic social organization of life. Then go here — http: In any case, I am appending my remarks to them because I think that some of the more general points also apply to your book. My main memory of Shunryu Suzuki is “nothing special”.

Dec 01, Graham rated it liked it. But these works, to say nothing of the many later writings linking the situs with Punk, would in most cases not have been approved by the SI. I realize that in other parts of your pamphlet you do go into many of these issues in somewhat more nuanced detail. You already have a blog, so that would be your natural starting place to post. Dinner and breakfast are served in silence in a semi-formal style, somewhat like our usual sesshin meals bowing to servers etc.

Rapid Responses

Distress Strauss marked it as to-read Jun 27, Engaged Buddhism at an Impasse”Ken elaborated on his earlier criticisms and renewed his challenge to more public discussion of these issues.

Here is my version: But I think you will see what I mean about these general tendencies. The largely ideological character of anarchism fixation on one-dimensional Manichean oppositions between absolutist concepts like Freedom vs.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Beginning with a brief overview of the failure of Bolshevism and the inadequacy of reformism, it examines the pros and cons of a wide range of radical tactics, then concludes with some speculations on what a liberated society might be like. But to try to set knahb such an organization in the abstract rarely accomplishes anything.

Ken Knabb on Shunryu Suzuki and Zen

Each person is normally responsible for carrying their own things plus some group gear food, pots, etc. You might keep his list in the back of your mind and check out one or another item from time to time.


Regarding your translation, I would just say that the main faults result from not looking carefully enough at what is being said. We must immediately drop everything else to avert it! Books by Ken Knabb. You may bring some trail mix or a power bar if you want something to nibble while hiking, but it’s not really necessary. However, I guess len I have looked at the human race 6-plus billion of us now and thought that some sort of governmental structure would be necessary to at least maintain some semblance of order — preferably a world government with total abolition of nation states.

Now that they have admitted that there was a revolutionary crisis in May they have to prove that some sort of invisible economic crisis was taking place in early Beginning with a brief overview of the failure of Bolshevism and the inadequacy of reformism, it examines the pros and cons of a wide range of rad Literary Nonfiction.

Debord and the situs in general did not believe that capitalism had definitively resolved all of its contradictions. As I noted in my autobiography []:. For a simple example, take inabb first sentence of the 5 that you quoted. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

That sort of manicheanism is inherited from religion and from political ideologies such as anarchism that unconsciously carry kken the same rigid dualistic point of view.

I am aware of the peak oil theory, and also of some other views that question that theory.

Small Press Distribution 7th St. This latter method may provide some balance and variety, but it also risks leading to a lot of so-so works chosen simply because they just came out and have been favorably reviewed somewhere.