In the lengthy colophon at the end of the Hebrew illuminated manuscript known as the Kennicott Bible Offsite Link (Oxford, Bodleian Lib., MS. Kenn. 1) the scribe . We offer 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript “Kennicott Bible”: The Kennicott Bible facsimile edition, published by Facsimile Editions Ltd. – London, Label. loading. About. The Kennicott Bible. The Kennicott Bible is the most lavishly illuminated. Hebrew Bible to survive from medieval Spain and. Highlights .

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Kennicott Bible

The Bodleian Library, Oxford. Grafiche Milani, then under the direction of Biblr Canton regarded the reprinting of the manuscript as a supreme challenge in which the entire workforce would strive to produce a book of unparalleled, consummate beauty. His findings were published in his Dissertatio Generalis. In December a digital facsimile of the manuscript was available from the Jewish Museum in New York at this link. The grammatical treatise was not copied austerely, in fact it is enclosed in exquisitely decorated arcaded pagespossibly to encourage the interest of the young child.

Facsimile Editions – Kennicott Bible

As a special feature in the colophon at the end of the Kennicott Bible, the scribe immortalized himself: Gift Certificate Beautifully decorated gift certificate with a personal inscription can be provided at no additional charge. The famous Kennicott Bible is one of the most sumptuous medieval Spanish manuscripts in existence.

The highly stylized figures – almost modern in their abstract rendering – delight the eye with the richness of their colours and their varied compositions. King David on his throne, Jonah being swallowed by a fish, or Balaam as an astrologer consulting an astrolabeare but a few of the text illustrations in the Kennicott Bible.

For Psalms, he adopted an older tradition, whereby combinations of long and short lines, centred and right-justified lines, are arranged in single columns. He was also a canon of Christ Church, Oxfordand rector of Culham in Oxfordshireand was subsequently given the living of MenheniotCornwallwhich he was unable to visit and resigned two years before his death.

The scribe, Moses Ibn Zabarah, wrote the text in a square Sephardi script, adopting a standard two-column format. Last updated December 31st, Pages of the commentary volume. The Samaritan Pentateuch stands alongside the Hebrew in parallel columns.


Benjamin Kennicott

Every copy is accompanied by ksnnicott certificate bearing the seal of the Bodleian Library, verifying the number of the facsimile and the size of the edition. This very fine Hebrew Bible was made for a wealthy young patron, Don Isaac, and is the product of rich scribal and artistic traditions. The most exquisite of kehnicott Hebrew bibles, written and illuminated in medieval Spain injust 16 years before the Expulsion.

Kennicott 1has been published. The introduction deals with the physical description of the manuscript, and tells the story of its creation and programme. Enter your username and password here in order to log in on the website:.

There are 24 canonical book headings, 49 parashah headings structured with gold in different motifs featuring figures in many colors, 27 lavishly-illuminated arcaded pages framing the text of the Sefer Mikhlol9 fully illuminated carpet pages, and psalm headings. The Importance of the Jewish Heritage The manuscript, executed at a time when Jews — targeted by the Spanish Inquisition — were constantly harassed until their final expulsion inshows the significance of perpetuating the Jewish heritage with the creation of lavishly made manuscripts.

Facsimile edges gilt with 23 carat gold leaf. Check out our popular filters below! The Old Testament in its Social Context. We are happy to listen to your suggestions and improve this page. Before this appeared he had written two dissertations entitled The State of the Printed Hebrew Text of the Old Testament consideredpublished respectively in andwhich were designed to combat contemporary ideas as to the “absolute integrity” of the received Hebrew text.

The Kennicot Bible | Home

To fully enjoy our site, please consider enabling JavaScript. This treasure of the Bodleian LibraryOxford, is named after Benjamin Kennicottthe English Hebraist who continued the English tradition of studying the Hebrew bible. A fascinating story is told kenniicott a popular manner, with the thorough knowledge of experts augmenting the understanding of the Kennicott Bible for laymen and scholars alike.

The famous Kennicott Bible is one of the most lavish mediaeval Spanish manuscripts in existence. The publication of the Kennicott Bible marked a milestone in publishing history and was greeted by enthusiastic press reviews and major editorials from publications around the world, some of which can be read in the press section of this website.


One of the oldest Italian paper mills was commissioned to produce a paper with the unique transparency, presence and feel of kwnnicott which took more than a year to develop.

Joseph Ibn Hayyim created in his own individual and distinct style a unique masterpiece. The manuscript is preserved in the Bodleian Library. ISBN 0 Price: Photographer John Barrett shares his experiences working on the project.

Two hundred and thirty-eight of the pages of the Bible are illuminated with lively colours, burnished gold and silver leaf. Kemnicott Bible is astonishingly well preserved for, in years, only 30 art historians and scholars have been privileged to study it. She survived him by many years, dying in Embossed in minute detail on all six surfaces, its style is extremely rare – only ,ennicott box-bindings are known to exist – but it is this binding that has preserved the manuscript for more than half a millennium.

Gilding Gold and silver metal foils applied by hand to each illumination taking seven craftsmen over four months to complete. Reproducing the extensive gold and silver metal leaf of the original was a major challenge which was eventually completed by seven craftsmen working continuously for four months applying leaf by hand to each illumination.

The Kennicott Bible London: Few Hebrew illuminators signed their work. Photography at the Bodleian.

This completely vocalised Bible is hand-written in a clear Sephardi script of the Middle Ages. The treatise pictured here, the Sefer Mikhlol by Rabbi David Qimhi, was added before and after the biblical text, and here Joseph Ibn Hayyim gave free reign to his lively and fertile imagination. Their ingenuity, dedication and integrity ensured perfect reproduction of the lavish gold and silver and the intricate yet vibrant colours of the hundreds of illuminated pages.

He succeeded his father as master of a charity school, but the generosity of some friends enabled him to go to Wadham College, Oxfordkennicotgand he distinguished himself in Hebrew and divinity. Moses Ibn Zabara Illuminator: Kennicott was born at TotnesDevon.