Hieronder staan alle opleidingen met een score van ++ of +++. Dit betekent dat ze tot de beste opleidingen van het land behoren en daarom een speciaal. start |; opleidingen |; universiteiten · Alle opleidingen;»; Sector Interdisciplinair;»; Liberal arts and sciences /University college. Let op: deze Keuzegids is niet. In de Keuzegids Universiteiten die 15 november jl. is verschenen zijn alle bacheloropleidingen van de faculteit Management, Science & Technology van.

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Bachelor Religious Studies top program according to ‘Keuzegids Universiteiten 2019’

Terug naar navigatie Navigatie. Wageningen is in first place with 74 points, Eindhoven is third with Communication Science 82 points and Industrial Engineering and Management 80 points.

This is keuzeggids in the results.

Molecular Life Sciences top rated programme for the third univesriteiten in five years Physics and Astrophysics Dutch-taught programme top rated programme for the fifth time in five years Mathematics Dutch-taught programme top rated programme for the fourth time in five years First place Nine Unoversiteiten University Bachelor’s programmes are the best in their fields: Satisfied and motivated students, satisfied and motivated teachers and a programme that truly stands out from other communication programmes in the Netherlands.

The distinction is a fine reward for this collective effort. The Keuzegids relies largely on the assessments submitted by students in the National Student Survey.

The Faculty of Science and Technology earned the highest average score. The University of Groningen, with which Nijmegen already shared the first place last year, has the honour of holding that title in It is also uniquely impressive that CS was successful in maintaining its status as a Top Rated Programme despite experiencing immense growth in its student body. Of these, six are referred to as “traditional, general universities” because here the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences including medical sciences are represented.


Compared to the 4TU universities, the UT You have free access from Radboud campus. In September, students also rated Radboud University the best traditional university in the Best Studies universiteitej by Elsevier magazine.

For the first time in a long time and with a half point difference compared to the number one, Radboud University is no longer the best traditional, general university in the Netherlands, according to the Keuzegids Universiteiten.

According to the Keuzegids, they belong to the very top of Dutch university education: Of these, 6 are referred to as “traditional, general universities” because here both alpha and beta sciences including medical are represented, as well as social sciences. According to the Keuzegids, they belong to the very top of Dutch university education: Eight educational programmes were awarded the distinction Top Rated Programme which is given to studies scoring 75 points or higher: Last year we were close, and I was confident that we would score high this year.

Applied Physics 92 points and Chemical Science and Engineering 84 points. All programmes are Dutch-taught, with the exception of Arts and Culture Studies which is taught both in English and in Dutch.

UT doubles number of top rated programmes in the Keuzegids Universiteiten study guide

Together with our teachers and students, we work toward continued improvement of our educational programme. Students and teachers make our community.

Keuzzegids navigatie over Navigatie. In the Keuzegids Universiteiten study guide, all bachelor programmes offered at the Dutch universities are rated. The Keuzegids Universiteiten is published annually and is an independent guide which critically assesses the quality of Bachelor’s programmes and universities.


Keuzegids Radboud once again ‘best traditional university’ – Radboud University

While we are equally proud of each educational programme, we are especially impressed that a programme as young as Create has already been recognized as a Top Rated Programme. The areas assessed kezegids the expertise of lecturers, the study load and the quality of the facilities. All programmes are Dutch-taught, with the exception of Arts and Keuzegide Studies which is taught both in English and in Dutch.

Once again, the University of Twente has climbed in the ratings in the newest edition of the Keuzegids Universiteiten study guide.

This bumps the UT up to the second position in the ranking of Dutch universities resulting in an advancement for the fifth year in univeristeiten row. It has a good educational concept which activates and motivates students. Each year we continue to see improvement in satisfaction ratings. All of the teachers contributed to the optimal development of TOM within the programme with clear courses of learning and engaging projects.

Keuzegids Radboud second best ‘traditional university’ – Deutsch | Studieren in Nimwegen

Janneke van den Elshout. What is a comprehensive university? Eight programmes received the distinction Top Rated Programme — double that of the previous year.