Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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Working Group on Education of the Backward Classes The group had fifteen members and was mandated to focus on the education of the scheduled castescheduled tribe and other backward communities in India. Jha, Abdul Qadir, G. Begin its task on 2nd October, At the secondary stage, the State Governments should adopt, and vigorously implement, the three-language formula which ‘includes the study of a modern Indian language, preferably one of the southern languages, apart from Hindi and English in the Hindi-speaking States, and of Hindi along with the regional language and English in the non-Hindi speaking States.

Thus new ideas will be developed in society and narrow ideas will disappear. Each state should organise a testing service at the end of the primary stage class VII or VIII and also at the end of lower secondary stage and make the assistance available to all the schools.

Education and Modernisation – The present society is the science – based society.

Explain the appointment of the Education Commission of and its unique features. The days of instruction were recommended to be increased to for schools and for colleges and the working hours to be fixed at not less than hours per academic year, preferably higher at or hours. Part-time education and correspondence courses should be developed on a large scale at the university stage.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

The Indian members were K. McDougall, Associate secretary A. The commission viewed that the main factors responsible for the dull, monotonous and uninspiring school teaching are the rigidity of the education system, poor competency of the teacher, lack of research on teaching methods and failure of administrative machinery comission diffuse new and dynamic methods of teaching.


Nanavatty and Shesh Namle as members. Thus, it helps t only to measure educational achievement but also to improve it. All special schools like Public Schools should be required to admit students on the basis of merit and also to provide a prescribed proportion of free-studentships to prevent segregation of social classes. Rector, Jadavpur UniversityCalcutta.

According to Kothari Commission, evaluation is a continuous process, forms an integral part of the total system of education, and is intimately related to educational objectives. Private enterprise should be made largely responsible for setting up and running pre-primary centres. First public examination to come at the end of 10 years of schooling; Science Education 1. Strenuous efforts should be made to equalize educational opportunity.


The group was composed of three foreign members, J. Deshpande, Durgabai DeshmukhK. Education appeared to be one koothari areas which indicated many problems that needed our efforts for immediate solutions.

Appointment of village teachers should be encouraged to teach the village women. Government of India should lay dawn for the school stage, minimum scales of pay for teachers and assist the States and Union Territories-to adopt equivalent or higher scales to suit their conditions.

Webster and Gurbax Singh secretary as members.

Kothari Education Commission ()

The kothagi focused on the development of agricultural education. Task Force on Kotharii Welfare The welfare aspects of the students including scholarships and other measures of incentives were attended to by this group which had A. Kothari commission strongly recommended that distance education through correspondence courses should be organised in a big way to provide education to the millions: Other holidays to be cut down to 10 in a year.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Teachers should be helped and trained to use in-expensive and local available improvised teaching aids.


Considering the special importance of Sanskrit to the growth and development of Indian languages and its unique contribution to the cultural unity of the country, facilities for its teaching at the school and university stages should be offered on a more liberal scale. Schools should be given the freedom to devise and experiment with new curricula suited to their needs.

Consequently, the defects in the area of education persisted. Task Force on Techniques and Methods in Education This seventeen member task force was entrusted with the designing of the functional mechanics of the educational system. Report of the Commission 5. The Professional preparedness of teachers being crucial for the qualitative improvement of education, the Commission has urged that this should be treated 19644-66 a key-area in educational development and adequate financial provisions should be made for it.

For expeditious construction, involvement of local communities and village panchayats is pre-requisite in rural areas. The use of standardized commissjon test is strongly recommended.

The modified Three Language Formula should include the following: Therefore, it is also known as the Kothari Commission. With the aim to relate education with life and productivity, work experience must be introduced as an integral part of all education general and vocational.

The commission recommended that a common public education system should be 1964-666 and then it should be vocationalized in general and special streams by introducing work experience as a part of education. Science education must become an integral part of school education and ultimately some study commissin science should become a part of all courses in the humanities and social sciences at university stage also.

Special emphasis should be placed on the development of education for agriculture and industry.