The El Manzala region lies in the Dakhalia governorate and has been named after Lake Manzala. The Manzala town has bumpy and narrow streets and no. Introduction. Manzala Lake (Fig. 1) is the largest coastal lake in. Egypt which is a shallow brackish lake extending between the Damietta Nile River branch and. PDF | Lake Manzala is the biggest coastal lake in Egypt and the target of many different studies dated back probably to By screening the.

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It is consider also an important part of the aquatic food chain. Antimony makes up about 0. The construction of the Suez Canal reached Manzala, proceeding from north to south. The calculated of contamination factor are listed in Table 4.

Toxicological Profile for Selenium.

Thesis, Alexandria University, Egypt. It is getting in the air by means of coal and oil combustion as selenium dioxide.

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Biological Monitoring of Tin. In spite of their toxic effect, inorganic arsenic bonds occur on earth naturally in small amounts.

They depend upon the kind laek substance that is present and the organism that is exposed to it. Tahphanes is an ancient city on Lake Manzala.

Lake Manzala |

Rapid rates, possible causes and consequences. Tin in surficial bottom sediment of Manzala Lake ranged from ppm with an average 46 ppm. By,ake Manzala had lost approximately 80 percent of its former area through the effects of drainage efforts. They are known to cause a great degree of harm to aquatic ecosystems, as they are very toxic to fungus, algae and phytoplankton which is a very important relate with the aquatic ecosystem, where it supply water organisms with oxygen.


Tourists who visit this page also visit the following pages: Study of natural radioactivity, environmental isotopes and hydrochemistry lakee some northern lakes in Egypt. Lake Manzala is a brackish lagoon.

Plants soak llake arsenic easily, so that high-dose supposedly present in food. Hydrological regime of the Nile delta and dynamics of its coastline. Heavy metals in lake sediments: The effects of organic tin substances can vary. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Special reference to medical importance of Mollusca in Egypt.

Lake Manzala

Arsenic exposure may be higher for people who live on farmlands where arsenic-containing pesticides have been applied in the past. It link with Suez Canal through a navigation aqueduct known as El-kabooty Canal Main pollutants in agricultural drains derived from industrial sources, fertilizer, pesticide materials and domestic wastewater. The enrichment factors of studied toxic metals in the Lake sediments were listed in Table 4.

The lowest value is recorded at middle section of the lake while the highest values are recorded near El-Serw agricultural drain, industrial area in Damietta region and also, at South Eastern area of the Lake where the group of drains Bahr El-Baqar, Hadous and Ramsis drain, extended toward the industrial area in Port Said Governorate Fig.

It has been mentioned in almost all books and articles on Egypt which revolve around Suez Canal. The highest concentrations of As, Se and Sn in the bottom sediments of the Manzala Lake were observed in the Eastern portion of the lake where industrial zone of Port Said country and at the Western portion of the lake where industrial zone of Damietta region, while the lowest values were recorded at the middle portion of the Lake.


The lake has undergone many biological, chemical and physical changes in the past century.

Since then the city has been rebuilt and now serves as a summer resort for Egyptians. The industrial pollution influenced among by two sources, firstly multiple industrial activities in Port Said region East side of the lake in several areas, most notably the field of textile manufacturing and garment manufacturing as well as chemical manufacturing and the manufacture of leather and leather products.

The volcano erupted 3, years ago. The protective role of selenium on the toxicity of cisplatin-contained chemotherapy regimen in cancer patients.

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Agricultural products and particularly textiles were exported through this important port throughout the Middle East. To make this site work properly, we sometimes manzalq small data files called cookies on your device, in keeping with the standard policy of most large websites. Effect of redox potential and pH on arsenic speciation and solubility in a contaminated soil. Manzala Lake is the largest shallower lakes which located in the Northern shoreline of the Nile delta.

Evaluation of some pollution at Manzala lagoon: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Standard based on the EF defined by Rule 45Rubio et al.