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During the late s, strong growth in vegetable and fruit production and sales were observed.

Hormonelle Kosmetik – kosmetische Hormone. The primary countries of origin for imported organic vegetables are Italy and France.

Other countries of provenance are Mexico, Uruguay and Honduras. Typically, fruits and vegetables are imported to compensate for seasonal fluctuations in supply.

Orange juice is mainly imported from Italy, Israel and Brazil. High quality requirements imposed by traders for organic produce.

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Der Fettgehalt von Speiseinsekten liegt durchschnittlich zwischen 13 und 33 Prozent, bezogen auf die Trockenmasse. However, the growing demand has only come to the attention of the food industry and trade in the last years. Therefore, exporters and importers need to understand how these quotas work and identify seasonal opportunities to supply specific markets where shortages in domestic supply may exist. Many branches of the mass market retail chains still lack a full selection of organic products e.

Large manufacturers and distributors should get involved in the market.

Speiseinsekten – Wikipedia

Mit CodeCheck herausfinden, was in Produkten steckt Particular obstacles are the requirement for whole-farm organic management for example, affecting citrus holdings and the ban on imports by air increasing the need for postharvest treatment.


The area set aside for greenhouse organic production is only 26 ha, of which approximately two-thirds is used for tomato production. The quality of products prior agreement should be reached with the buyer. lebensmirtelverordnung

Imports from Least Developed Countries are exempted from customs duties for the majority of headings in the customs tariffs.

Therefore, based on direct payment structures, there is lebensmittelveroednung of an incentive to convert to organic than in the early to mids. Processed vegetables The trend in favour of convenience food and ready-to-serve meals has increased the demand for processed vegetables and is expected to continue to rise.


Mai wurden in der Schweiz mit der Revision der Lebensmittelverordnung [24] folgende Insektenarten als Lebensmittel zugelassen: Processed vegetables Most processed vegetables are produced domestically, while Italy is the main supplier of imports e. Experts expect that the Swiss market for organic foods lebensmittelverordnuhg grow by 20 percent per year in the next five years.

High customs duties are levied on a range of agricultural products such as sugar, cereals, vegetable oils and dairy products.

Given that the bulk of consumers are occasional, converting these consumers to frequent organic consumers is the key to capturing this market share. Web information corner on requirements and conditions relating to access for organic imports into Switzerland http: With the entry of supermarket chains to the market, the significance of this aspect is now declining. The well-established market for traditional Swiss juices apple, pear, etc. Trade and processing structures: COOP and Migros, two supermarket chains, are likely to increasingly dominate sales.


It forms the basis for the disbursal of ecologically motivated direct payments in Switzerland and is an expression of the Swiss agricultural policy objective to promote organic farming. There is a parallel range of consumer related factors restricting the growth of the market for organic foods: It is expected that the export of this kind of processed products will grow in the future.

They sold around 15 tonnes of organic vegetables in the year However, this is only transformed into real demand by attractive offers. Opportunities that are suited to countries that are not geographically close to Switzerland are mainly in tropical fruit juices and dried fruits and nuts.

Pressespiegel | CodeCheck

The main products are carrots, cabbage and celery see Table 1. Seit dem Jahr befinden sich erste Lebensmittel-Produkte aus Speiseinsekten auf dem deutschen Markt: Table 2 provides an indication of the relative size and yields of the most important fruit products. Another important greenhouse crop is cucumbers. Die besten Barcode Scanner-Apps. Codecheck – Produkte scannen und Alternativen anzeigen.

However, by law phases of high duties must be interspersed with phases of low duties. In the latter two market types premiums for the following product schwiez are approximately:. Es ist daher naheliegend, dass die FAO sie als hochwertige Nahrungsquelle empfiehlt.

Lemons and oranges originate from Italy and Spain.