Simple exercises in order to practice with you antenna. lecher-antenna-manual: Lecher Antenna Manual. Updated a year ago. About · 0 Discussions · 0 Change Requests. Star 0. Subscribe 1 · Read. BOOK & PRACTICAL GUIDE LECHER ANTENNA. Link to Lecher antenna CEREB® user’s manual. gallery/cover part2. gallery/backcover the lecher antenna.

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Replay steps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in order to obtain a network, each crossing will form a node. Caution, the network can also have different positions on the height dimension. Durand Jean-Paul-Maxime It is important to indicate average because the energy level of your left antfnna may not be the same as your right hand.

In case you can see the list of values on line for a 18 cm classic antenna. All dowser do not use the same terminals or the same values, so to compare your values with others, always start by comparing your scales.

Toggle navigation It turns Interaction between manufacturer manuao resellers needs to be positive and both should have win-win situation. Energy measurement of space. It is also known as global network or universal network because it covers the entire surface of the planet. Introduction Last News F. Characteristics on neutral ground: If it is indeed the magnetic north you find: These are space which have commercial activitieslike shops, showrooms, dealerships, trading areas, expo.


This exercise can also apply on a person other than the operator a place, a house, a piece, a surface Vastuworld research team has devised products like labyrinth, infinity cards and also mobile emf patch, which empower your energy body to fight with the environmental aggressions. This time, you can walk near the meter you already put on the ground. Among and more: Enabling or disabling appliance refrigerator, washing machine, TV, PC Here we will begin moving following the North-South axis.

NET or others you can draw your own scale with your own values. Look for the Hartmann Network 4 Janv. Take a compass, and hide it in your pocket without looking at where it points. Self help for Big apartment.

The Lecher Antenna

We also specify the time: Indeed, if this is not the case, the compass gives you a false information and in this case it is very possible that the network is deviate or cut, you may be right, try msnual another location.

You should get close results may be identical according to the temporal reference chosen for each try. When your antenna will pass above the correct value, it will become heavier, which will make it fall forward or backward, it can also thrill depending on your way of holding it.

The meshes formed by these tapes have the following dimensions: USD United Mwnual dollar. Replay steps 3, 4, 5, 6 but walking East-West.


I still use it, in order to know if I am “sync” for a search. Focus mentally on the magnetic northkeeping in mind the following question: All the remedies are hand prepared, tested and energized before packing.


Q Who Am I? In this research, we look for the Mannual network at its ground-level width and length axis. Using a drawing software Paint.

Focus mentally on Hartmann network, a good question to keep in mind: Industry energy balancing works on 5 element theory antnena as per their products. This frequency transforms your antenna in a pendulum. Use your compass East-West or North-South according to your research axis in order to place your meter straight. We seek here my value, means the operatoryours so.

Lecher Antenna Manual · GitBook (Legacy)

To be sure that you do not commit error, replay steps 3, 4 several times, but changing direction right to left and left to right. If you have found the magnetic South, you lack of concentration, but it is not a bad result.

Among and This is a network considered as telluric coming from Earth.