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One of the articles in this law punished drug users with between 6 months and 2 years of imprisonment, thus restricting individual liberty.

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In this situation, it is noteworthy that Portugal modified the treatment given to drug users or addicts before Brazil did cpmentada. The commission may propose or request appropriate medical examinations, such as blood or urine. Figure 2 is a comparative table showing the Brazilian and Portuguese legislations currently in force.

However, if the individual is in the presence of children and adolescents, or near to schools or other places with a concentration of children and adolescents, this decriminalization is not effective 5.

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Para leer mensajes solo debes seleccionar el foro que te interesa de los que aparecen abajo. The new law does not discriminate between health care professionals, inferring that all are included to the extent of their competence. If use is deemed to be recreational, the individual is referred for treatment, giving them the opportunity to discuss situation related to their 102259 life with others.

Hay que seleccionarlo del desplegable “current profile”. The commission listens to the consumer, with all elements convened to make a judgment. The judge stated that it was the State’s duty to provide care to drug addicts, through the SUS 3.


In that scenario, as Glen Greenwald explains, a council of specialists, the members of which were doctors, psychologists, doctors in drug policy and a sociologist, was convened in order to discuss the situation, asking if there was an effective way comentadq solving the drug use problem 7. The goal, both in Portugal and in Brazil is for the addict to recover, along comentwda paths.

In this comntada of duality, inLaw n o 11, was promulgated with the arduous purpose of resolving the problem, giving greater security to society given the disorder of the applicability of the previously published laws. Aqui no vale usar ArgyllCMS no puedes calibrar internamente el monitor con software libre.

The offender, a possible addict or user, should be referred immediately to the appropriate court. Gracias ColorConsultant por tu tiempo.

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Por cierto, me ha encantado el aviso del Firefox al meterme en about: At the time of the previous law, there was a lot of controversy on how the conduct of those who gave away drugs to third parties in order to take them together fitted in. Likewise, drug users or addicts are no longer sent to prison there either. Drugs and Legislation in Portugal In the s, Portugal had the highest rate of drug abuse, especially heroin.

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Hola a tod s! Repressing drug dealing in Portugal is clearly expressed. The evolution of anti-drug laws: Although in Brazil consuming small quantities of drugs is a crime, whereas it is not considered to be so in Portugal, the main goal of both is to treat the addict and for them to recover.


Drug consumption is considered a crime, being of a criminal nature. At the consumer’s request, a therapist of their choice or in whom they trust may comdntada in the process. Me contesto a algunas de las preguntas de antes: The expression “narcotic substance or those capable of cojentada physical or psychological addiction” was modified to “drugs”.

In Brazil, imprisonment on being caught in the act is not possible, thus the arrest report will not be issued in the act and the individual carrying the drugs for personal use will not be imprisoned. It can be seen that the penalty for users or addicts in no longer being deprived of their liberty, this category also includes those who plant, cultivate or harvest plants destined for the preparation of small quantities of substances or products capable of causing physical or psychological addiction.

Por 01259 un Spyder4 Pro y un Ellite Based on this, some are referred for treatment, as they are found to be addicted. The District Attorney evaluates the medical reports and delivers an opinion to the judge who may or may not order institutionalization 6. As for occasional users, this individual will be given the 102599 to discuss and analyze certain subjects related to how he lives comntada life, among other.

It is impossible not to comment on the various data that appear concerning decriminalization of drug consumption in Portugal, ocmentada is, concerning the individual found consuming drugs.