Guzmán Ariza, Attorneys at Law Company Law (“Ley de Sociedades”) #, effective Dec. 11, , as amended by Law. # of Feb. Company Law (“Ley de Sociedades”) #, effective Dec. . Bolsa de Valores de la República Dominicana (), created in. Ley No. , sobre Las Sociedades Comerciales y. Empresas Individuales de Responsabilidad Limitada, en República Dominicana.

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A public offering is an invitation delivered to the public dominicwna some form of mass communication to sell, purchase, or trade securities. Our attorneys can properly structure your business to meet stock market requirements, assist and represent you in regulatory, reporting, compliance and enforcement issues, manage your relationships with market participants, and provide advisory services in general corporate matters related to the Dominican stock market and its regulations.

The types of assets that can be securitized may vary in nature, but they share the common trait of restricted liquidity. The four major taxable areas are:. Withholding Tax Companies must withhold and pay the required taxes on stockholder dividends, employee payroll, and payment to individuals. Other business structures exist Individual Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Partnerships with Shares but they are rarely used by investors because, in the case of Individual Limited Liability Companies, the sole shareholder must be an individual, dominiccana in other cases, the partners do not have limited liability.

Corporations must have a minimum of two shareholders.

Once properly structured, capitalized, and approved by the Superintendent of Securities, a company can offer equity shares or other financial instruments on the BVRD through a public offering. The joint venture itself is not a legal person nor enjoys limited liability unless a new business entity is formed according to Dominican company law.

These securities are collateralized by the value reflected in the individual assets being securitized and receive a credit rating that is separate from and typically higher than that of the originating company because the securitization relies solely on the cash flow created by the pool of assets and not on the payment promise of the issuer.


Joint ventures in the Dominican Republic generally consist of a contractual arrangement between two or more existing business entities repbulica the purpose of carrying out a particular project or task.

No stock is issued. Furthermore, the limited liability protection afforded to members of these structures is strictly observed under the law, except in the case of fraud or misrepresentation. There is no limit on the maximum.

Restricting transfer of shares to heirs or spouse of a shareholder is possible. The Application The application requirements differ for doimnicana foreign applicant and a domestic applicant.

The eepublica also imposes dominiana penalties specified by law. Nominal only; Transfer of stock is essentially free except for restrictions in the by-laws. Shares in a Simplified Corporation are negotiable, although restrictions may be established in its bylaws. Securities are placed on either the primary or secondary market, and can be issued either in paper form as a stock certificate or in electronic dominicanw Art.

Corporations can be private or public. Once properly structured, capitalized, and approved by the Superintendent of Securities, a company can offer equity shares or other financial instruments on the BVRD through a public offering. You should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel. The application requirements differ for a foreign applicant and a domestic applicant. Registration Once the offering is approved, the securities and issuer must be registered with the Securities Exchange Registry, which will publish for public notice the name of the issuer, the types of securities and their ratings, and the broker handling placement of the securities on the exchange.

They are dominicanw only entities that can raise capital through public stock offerings. Where a grave rwpublica not expressly listed in the law is committed, a court will determine the applicable penalties. Securities issued for the first time are offered to investors through the primary market, and are typically placed by companies to raise capital to start or expand operations.

Copy of Las Sociedades Comerciales by johnson moreno on Prezi

No management supervisor is required. It domijicana repeals and replaces any law, provision or regulation contrary to it, except as regards seaport and airport free zones, which are not the subject of this legislation. Secondary market placement must be managed by a registered securities broker. Note that a member need not be a Dominican citizen or resident to form a Dominican company, except in very special circumstances. The Direction General of Customs shall be in charge of any such procedure, and it should ask the party concerned to remove such assets, with the warning that failure to do so shall result in such assets being sold at a public auction.


Shareholders, partners, members, officers and directors of a Dominican company do not need to be Dominican citizens or residents, except in very special circumstances. Those with access to non-public market information that has market relevance to the price of publicly offered securities privileged information may not legally trade using this information for their own benefit or tepublica benefit of third parties.

The law defines a security valor as a right or amalgamation of rights having economic value, and that is freely negotiable on a securities market. Additional approvals may be required in certain regulated industries.

Nuestra firma

The value of company shares as well as its capital can be stated in foreign currency. Paperless or electronic securities are also available reducing the risk of loss, theft, or forgery, and improving the speed of transfers, liquidation, and compensation.

Be forewarned that Dominican company organization taxes are higher than those imposed on American companies. For tax purposes, they must keep separate accounts from their head office so as to facilitate the lry of their income.

Please refer to the chapter on taxation for details. Our knowledge of company law is widely available, respected, and regularly referenced, 479-0 covers company formation, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and dissolution; and related business areas such as contracts, employment, labor, company finance, company tax, litigation, dispute resolution, and intellectual property. Any company duly organized and existing in accordance with the laws of its country of origin can set up a branch in the 49-08 Republic by registering at the Business Registry and obtaining a tax number from the Internal Revenue Agency.