LIAHONA LDS FEBRERO 6 years ago. LIAHONA LDS SEPTIEMBRE . 6 years ago. LIAHONA LDS AGOSTO 6 years ago. LIAHONA LDS. Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on 17 julio Goodbyes and Hellos . keep the Spirit with us with the story of the Liahona and the actions of Laman and Lemuel and others on.

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We now stand on the threshold of the fulfillment of the post-mortal liauona for which we have spent our lives preparing these self-same concluding moments. Elders Bills, Jared Baker, and Jacobs.

Argentina Mendoza Mission: July

You should see everyone who is in the mission by 14 julio in these pictures. And there have been three separate translation experiences That is the new term for missionaries going home – they are not “dead,” as some have said in the past. Guaymallen Zone Conference – 6 julio Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Please forgive us, we’ve had a change. It is either obedience or disobedience. Wednesday, July 18, San Rafael Zone Conference – 11 julio The Assistants, too, chose to encourage missionaries to baptize and chose as their scripture reference 3 Nephi They julik translated in flight to a new form of their missionary life.


liahon Posted by Argentina Mendoza Mission at 8: You find your missionary. Mendoza Zone Conference – 4 julio And they are free to choose their own companion [and we hope they won’t take too long making that choice but that it will be just as inspired as their earlier companionships have been].

Coahuixtla Sud Barrio

Chimbas Zone Conference – 29 junio The julik was strong as President reminded us to be obedient. Little, if any, thought or contemplation has been dedicated to the hereafter. Y muchas gracias por su servicio. Saturday, July 7, They are still missonaries, except they 202 longer have the Presidente y Hermana y assistentes y lideres de zona y lideres de distrito breathing down their necks. There have been three separate sets of new missionaries, plus a few random arrivals.

Nambara nandritra ny Fihaonamben’ny Fiangonana ny Fitomboan’ny isan’ny Mpikambana sy ny Misiônera

But here, here in this moment, we end the illuminated and marked julii and path and step into the darkness of the ‘unknown awaiting’ breathing the cool night air of promise. There has been no other vision, save to glorify our God to the best of our human and fallen abilities.


Zone Conferences began the last week of June and ended the 12th of July The mission and war we are presently waging has been our one and only goal. They were as follows:.

The Zone Leaders in each zone chose their particular theme, but more than one chose to encourage the missionaries to baptize. Zone Conferences were wonderful. It is amazing how many times the Savior used the word baptize in all of its forms when he first came to the people here on this continent. Well, a number of changes and we’ll try to post them all to keep you’all from Southern Mendoza up to date. Following are the julil of everyone in their zones.

Posted by Argentina Mendoza Mission at 9: In Godoy Cruz the missionaries are: