Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol. Sep;60(3) Lichenoid dysplasia: a distinct histopathologic entity. Krutchkoff DJ, Eisenberg E. We have observed. Citation. M Virdi, A Sachdev, A Gupta, K Aggarwal. Lichen Planus Or Lichenoid Dysplasia: Is It Premalignant!. The Internet Journal of Head and Neck Surgery. We have observed, both in the literature and in practice, that pathologists frequently fail to appreciate subtle dysplastic features in lesions with lichenoid.

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A history of drug usage in the recent past helps in making dsyplasia clinical diagnosis. Report of an international consensus meeting part 2: Analysis and follow-up study of 12 cases. However, if the clinical diagnosis is not verified by histological examination, or if the incipient dysplastic changes in the presence of lichenoid features are not recognized or are overlooked, a misdiagnosis could result.

Oral lichen planus versus epithelial dysplasia: difficulties in diagnosis

Drugs reported in lichenooid literature as being related to oral lichenoid reactions lichenoiv Click here to view. Proliferative verrucous leukoplakia and precancerous conditions In: Additionally, some cell disorders indicative of malignant disease present in oral lichen planus may also be seen in epithelial dysplasia, thus making diagnosis even harder and consequently emphasizing the relevance of offering long term follow-up to patients with this disease, not because of its malignant potential, but due to possible mistakes made in the initial diagnosis.

All cases that evolved to malignant disease had lichenoid dysplasia. J Oral Pathol Med. Clinically, a provisional diagnosis of lichen planus and leukoplakia was made.


J Calif Dent Assoc ; One of the two nonsmokers was a denture wearer with a single episode of candidiasis. The most frequently observed disorders on oral lichen planus cases were increased nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio Nuclear and cellular volumes may serve as potential discriminators between benign lesions and premalignant lichen planus.

Lichenoid dysplasia: a distinct histopathologic entity.

Evolution of dysplasoa lesion of discoid lupus erythematosus: They proposed that epithelial dysplasia with lichenoid features that is, LD is a distinct histopathologic entity with a true malignant predisposition. Lichenoid lesions of oral mucosa. Is a recall of patients justified?

Oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid lesions; A critical appraisal with emphasis on the diagnostic aspects.

Find articles by Shekhar Kapoor. Gingival involvement of oral lichen planus in a series of patients. Open in a separate window. On the other hand, they also suggest that cell and nucleus pleomorphism is a highly relevant finding, as it points to lichenoid dysplasia and consequently patients that require closer clinical follow-up.

In retrospect, the initial biopsy specimens of two patients lichehoid lichenoid dysplasia, whereas that of the third showed only lichenoid mucositis. Dermatol Online J ; Xiaosong Liu, Hong Hua.

Lichenoid Dysplasia–A Case Report with a Review of Differential Diagnosis

Oral proliferative verrucous leukoplakia: However, in view of both the common occurrences of OLP and unresolved issues regarding its premalignant potential, the need for close follow-up of lesions with clinical lichenoid features clearly is illustrated 2. Abbate G, Foscola A. Lee and Fabiger; Although saw interpapillary crests with serrated edges were dyspalsia seen, they were altered in Clinico-pathological mimicry and its diagnostic implications.

Eisenberg argued that this initial misdiagnosis could explain why a benign condition such as OLP is considered by some to be premalignant 2. Drug related LL is considered as a different form of delayed hypersensitivity reaction, wherein drug or its metabolite acts as haptens.


Kamath VB et al. Br J Dermatol ; After five years of periodic follow up and postsurgical excision, no sign dysplzsia recurrence was observed.

Oral mucosal reactions to cinnamon flavored chewing Gums. Pathology and genetics head and neck tumours. Conclusion This case was clinically diagnosed as lichen planus but was confirmed to be LD histologically. The malignant potential of oral lichen planus is questioned in the dysplaxia past. We contend that some, if not most, cases of apparent malignant transformation of OLP likely represent red and white lesions that were dysplastic from their inception but that mimic OLP both clinically and histologically.

The oral lichen planus cases were reassessed by three independent examiners, following the histopathology criteria set by Eisenberg1 llichenoid Table 1 to confirm initial diagnosis.

Unilateral plaque type oral lichenoid lesion on the lateral border of tongue representing oral lichenoid dysplasia Click here to view. Patil3 and Shekhar Kapoor 4.

Lichenoid Dysplasia–A Case Report with a Review of Differential Diagnosis

Cancer and oral lichen planus in a Swedish population. In case of misdiagnosis; if same treatment i. Head Neck Pathol ;1: