View and Download Line 6 Spider Valve pilot’s handbook manual online. Spider Valve Musical Instrument Amplifier pdf manual download. The Spider Valve HD head features (2) Chinese 12AX7-B preamp tubes and (4) matched Sovtek. View and Download Bogner Spider Valve service manual online. S p i d e r V a l v e Head – HD Service Manual Line 6, Inc. Customer Service and Repair. Simi Valley, CA P. F. E. [email protected] Similar to the combo amps, the Spider Valve HD has bias test point.

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When I first heard this amp I was a bit skeptical but to my surprise it sounded pretty good. The 1×12 sounds terrible and the 2×12 sounds a bit better and this was was a hit.


Finally Line 6 got the idea So they went out an found probably the best man who could create one. Professionals around the world turn to Kine to get their tonal needs. Line 6 has done a great job building effects processors but really couldn’t figure out how o get the overdrive down.

Now that they have Reinhold and his world renown taste for high gain tone the have achieved something until now has never been hd010 before. They fired it up and it was a big surprise to hear how good this thing did sound.


We tested it with a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Telecatser and each guitar having its own personalty sounded very god through the Bogner cabinet. Having tubes coupled with the digital processors makes this thing a beast of a guitar tool. Did you find this review helpful? Modeling amps and effects bluff that made the reputation of the brand.

Bogner Spider Valve Service Manual

Quick loop a great place to get a riff or a solo beat. There are some settings that can be sharper in effect menus for perfectionists but overall, we made it fairly quickly without watching too much notice. The manual is correct but more comprehensive download at line 6. With hd10 sound, the sound is incredibly warm and crystalline desire! However we do not believe that rock mqnual the head: Just feel a little different modeling and effects to realize.

Whatever style you want, from one extreme to the other, I would say one word: This is truly a professional! The expertise of an engineer head lamps associated to that line 6 has digital modeling guitar amplifier besides all brands, even the most prestigious copied the concept make this head is a wonder in all styles: Finally, I thought a lot and waited to buy me a big fat head lamp and then, frankly, I have never once regretted my purchase!

What type of amplification lamp, transistorModeling Lamps What connection? I know of no concern to me line6 not need instructions included, first among line6 AC can be that difficult The manual is clear and sufficient? I find it really too light Mmanual you get a good sound easy?

Perfect death metal, rockWhat kind of sound you get and with what settings “crystalline”, “fat “, ESP horizon What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? Her factory What is your opinion about the value hd010 the price?


All user reviews for the Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD100

Good Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? I just got the head I had prior to the HD, I also have an X3 live I connect, 66 went around pallets sounds, and it is the slap, that’s very good, I’m a bit on the ass side made! Send it serious too much for home and studio to repeat I will have to make presets with different levels based on where I play.

I am quite familiar Line6 so I’m not lost, you still have an ear, because even with a simple lline pedal boss you have a sound rule of shit if you like an idiot!!

User reviews: Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD – Audiofanzine

I connect over my gibson and my Fender Stratocaster, the head appears much difference in the two scratches! I will continue to fiddle with the beast to see valvr it was in the belly side price! I understand how they can sell it so cheap?

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