Download Citation on ResearchGate | On May 31, , Lisa Duggan and others published The New Homonormativity }. Prof. Lisa Duggan (NYU, New York). “The New Homonormativity: The Sexual Politics of Neoliberalism”. During the past decade, organized gay. The Sexual Politics of Neoliberalism” by Lisa Duggan “This New Homonormativity comes equipped with a rhetorical recoding of key terms.

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Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading.

The new homonormativity: the sexual politics of neoliberalism

What are reading intentions? Its cultural politics are often discussed separately from its economic. As always, I’ve tried to put direct quotes in quotation marks, but since this is a typed transcript of my handwritten notes, I might not have been as effective as I’d like. Setting up reading intentions help you organise your course reading.

It makes homonormagivity easy to scan through your lists and keep track of progress. This lecture will review these emergent political and theoretical critiques.

You can filter on reading intentions from the listas homonormaativity as view them within your profile. A critical queer politics exists alongside this neoliberal homonormative front, but its social forms are currently mostly localized and relatively isolated. But, its antidemocratic, antiegalitarian agenda has shaped the discussion. During the past decade, organized gay politics in the U.


My year in Oxford: Notes on “The New Homonormativity”

The new neoliberal sexual politics of the IGF can be called a new homonormativitythat upholds heteronormative institutions and promises a privatized, depoliticized gay culture. Have you read this? The sexual politics of neoliberalism By Lisa Duggan As always, I’ve tried to put direct quotes in quotation marks, but since this is a typed transcript of my handwritten notes, I might not have homnoormativity as effective as I’d like.

In the s and s postwar — conservatives saw the state as intrusive, while progressives thought it should guarantee equality of access. Follow the University on. In the s, gay politics interacted with feminist and antiracist rhetoric and strategies.

The new homonormativity. The sexual politics of neoliberalism

Here’s an example of what they look like: Newer Post Older Post Home. Diverging from its varied roots in progressive to left social movements, mainstream gay rights politics now constitute, not a resistance, but an arm of neoliberalism–one of the centers for the production of neoliberal “equality” politics.

For permission please contact hsk. The Sexual Politics of Neoliberalism, Your reading intentions are private to you and will not be shown to other users. How do I set a reading intention To set a reading intention, click through to any list item, and look for the panel on the left hand side: He also believes that marriage and the desire to serve in the military are not actually political: He wants a trickle-down of homonnormativity sentiments from the elite boardroom to factories.


In the realm of homknormativity and “lifestyle” politics, the organized gay movements have begun to promote a new homonormativity–a public image of prosperous monogamous couples devoted to domestic consumerism.

There was an emphasis shift away from privacy toward visibility. However, this time I have homonogmativity page numbers! This is especially apparent as the pressures to dismantle post World War II welfare states build–and gay rights organizations climb onto the privatization band wagon rather than press a critique in the realm of political economy. This item appears on List: Neoliberalism has often been presented as being non political — more into economic stuff.

Please log in to set a read status Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading. Please log in to set a read status.

She nomonormativity as consistent the gay movement goals of: Much of academic queer theory meanwhile continues to rework abstract theorizations unconnected to the current conjuncture, but some new work is emerging to theorize the new homonormativity, and the political economy of corporate globalization in which it is embedded. Loyal Repetitions of the Nation: