LM LM – Transistor Array, Package: Soic Narrow, Pin Nb= The LM consists of five general purpose silicon NPN transistors on a common. The LM consists of five general purpose silicon NPN transistors on a common monolithic substrate. Two of the transistors are internally connected to form a. Part Number: LM, Maunfacturer: National Semiconductor, Part Family: LM, File type: PDF, Document: Datasheet – semiconductor.

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Include the effect of a non-infinite Early voltage to improve your analysis and simulation accuracy. The transfer characteristics of ml3046 circuit can be displayed using the X-Y oscilloscope inputs.

Measure the all Q-point voltages and currents using the DMM.

Use a low frequency sinusoid or triangular wave as the input. Prepare a circuit diagram illustrating how you are measuring the common-mode voltage gain. By using a Set up your input signals, use 1 kHz, so datasheeg the output is reasonably linear.

Ground both the inputs of Q1 and Q2. The CA is the same electrically as the LM Use Figure 1 and class notes for guidance to prepare a detailed circuit diagram. Consider implementing the In addition to using the DMM, look for excessive noise using the scope even though you are measuring the dc voltage matching. Above and beyond CS1, the following provides an important understanding of computer technology hardware.


Use the oscilloscope to also check for excessive noise which may translate as a noisy dc voltage measurement.

LM Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

You will not need an input voltage divider because the Acm is low, Figure 3, because the common-mode voltage gain is sufficiently low that you will have to increase the input level significantly above what you used in the differential-mode measurement. Pay particular attention to V OD. Lead dress and length is also important.

We will jointly review your notebook during the 12 December laboratory period with the expectation that this experiment will be included. Just a different manufacturer.

Transistor Array

The amplitude of the input must be large enough to drive the input through the entire desired range of operation. That is do not use the And for those of you with an internship this summer should be aware of the corporate and university management structure. Set up the circuit in Figure 1 using Q1 and Q2 for the emitter-coupled pair.

  ARMY FM 34-130 PDF

Set up your input signals, again use 1 kHz. Also observe that because the oscilloscope does not have a floating input i.

LM3046 Datasheet PDF

From a practical viewpoint, if the input signals are noisy because of low amplitudes, you may choose to use an input voltage divider to provide “cleaner” waveforms. The data sheet is posted on the class WEB page.

The figure illustrates a Use datashert oscilloscope and DMM to measure the differential-mode voltage gain. Q3 and Q4 form a simple current source. Keep track of the divider ratio you finally use to scale your measurement correctly. The signal generators have a mV minimum. A written report is not required. You will need some level of voltage division as datasheeg in the figure.