Read The Petrakos Bride by Lynne Graham by Lynne Graham by Lynne Graham for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Maddie idolized Giannis Petrakos, who had lavished money on the charity that had cared for Maddie’s twin sister–and was sinfully gorgeous. Now Maddie has a . Preview. The Greek tycoon’s unsuitable bride Maddie idolized Giannis Petrakos, who had lavished money on the charity that had cared for.

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The Consequence He Must Claim.

Description The Greek tycoon’s unsuitable bride I think my favourite part of grahamm book is where the lawyer tells her about view spoiler [the prenup which specifies that H will get custody of the kids if the marriage breaks down. Not in the least, but I can’t really call it cheating either as both parties know the score.

The Petrakos Bride by Lynne Graham

As the reader, you se 3. Acquired by Her Greek Boss. There’s a nice bookend with the great-grandmother of the prologue approving of the fertile h. It is an open arrangement that will follow the couple into their marriage.


The Italian Demands His Heirs. She finally agrees to get to know him a little better so flies to Morocco to stay at the castle he renovated. Well, as much as I liked Maddie’s set-downs of Giannis, that’s pretty much all we got between them.

A Stormy Greek Marriage. Lynne always wanted a large family and has five children. Lynne married after she completed adegree at Edinburgh University. I have read this no less than 10 times! Maddie idolized Giannis Petrakos, who had lavished money on the charity that had cared for Maddie’s twin sister-and was sinfully gorgeous.

Lynne Graham Vintage Collection. Due to complications, Maddie contacts Giannis again, and they wind down the road to matrimony. I think her response was fantastic.

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Nope, she’s not having any of it and turns him away at every point. The angst is pretty low throughout the book.

Giannis was such an ass sometimes, but he’s a Harlyhero so I expected nothing less. The Argentinian’s Virgin Conquest. Maddie Conway had long held a candle for Greek tycoon Giannis Petrakos.

At first I was kind of irritated with Maddie for being such a weak human being when it comes to Gianni. Safety was surprisingly good view spoiler [ Giannis was a bit of a manho when he was younger but not grahamm.


The Petrakos Bride

Though Maddie soon discovered that Giannis fully intended to save marriage and children for a petrkos who more befitted his wealth and class View all 9 comments. Recommended for fans of HP, I liked it. And besides, I liked that he always fought with her but eventually gave in and let Maddie have her way. The author couldn’t let her have some backbone? The Italian Billionaire’s Pregnant Bride.

The Petrakos Bride : Lynne Graham :

Pregnant by the Millionaire. He treated his upcoming marriage like a business proposal. Consequence of His Revenge.

Thefamily lives in a country house surrounded by a woodland garden, which iswonderfully private. The Forgotten Gallo Bride. The board-meeting is cancelled. His Mistress with Two Secrets.