Malinda Cramer is the Founder of Divine Science and the Author of: Lessons in Science and Healing. Basic Statements and Health Treatment of Truth. The Divine Science Movement has two roots, each considered a separate work, that later combined. The first root began in by Malinda E. Cramer of San. Often overlooked Malinda Cramer was one of the most important early leaders of the New Thought movement. She is frequently described as ahead of her time.

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International Divine Science Association. Command Malinra Master Your Emotions. A Guide To Anger Management. The first copy of Harmony rolled off the presses in August, The Wonderful Power Of Charisma.

Malinda Cramer ~ Founder of the Divine Science Denomination

She recognized that the Power of healing was God. Views Read Edit View history. Newsletters Bulletin Board Donations Contact us. We add downloads as New Thought material is sent in.

Malinda Elliott Cramer – New Thought and Divine Science Authors

A third sister, Fannie Brooks James, began teaching the same classes Mrs. Over years ago Malinda Cramer’s spiritual career began at age Thomas Troward, arguably the most important New Thought Teacher addressed this issue many times in his writings. Despite the move, Melinda continue to suffer from health problems and soon became invalid. InCramer began training Nona L. Empowerment programs that camer us to the co-creative “Power of We.

The book can always be removed from your cart later on if you change your mind. Fortunately, most of the early works of the Divine Science movement are now coming into the Public Domain and we are trusting that this will result in the renaissance of this craker or the rise of a new one that focuses on purpose instead of malinfa.


During the earthquake, the Divine Home School and all its contents were destroyed. Unfortunately, she incurred an injury during the great San Francisco earthquake and passed away at the age of 62 on August 2, InCramer began her monthly journal titled Harmonya magazine which is still considered one of the earliest and most signifcant New Thought publications.

Divine Science was fading away and has virtually no name recognition even within the New Thought movement. She began to share her insights and this lead to a treasure trove of classes and healing treatments.

Divine Science teaches us to unveil our inherent Unity with the Divine. Click Here for full details. Malinda’s craner came inwhile in prayer. Her parents were Quakers.

New Thought Wisdom

Inshe also helped open the second Divine Science College, in Oakland, and began traveling around the country on missionary trips. Read Divine Tao 8 “Water” Tao 8.

This New Thought Library along with the other New Thought Resources Cramfr have created are my ctamer to you to support your spiritual journey.

She was injured in the San Francisco earthquake and died from the injuries in Discover And Unleash Your Power. The illumined realization of Omnipresence would free her from her bondage to ill health and indeed she discovered that as she changed her beliefs about herself, she was indeed freed from her pain and ill health.

The once thriving correspondence school of Divine Science has now been supplanted by online studies offered by malindz New Thought denominations.

The Early History of Divine Science

Frank Bingham, had been ill for months, sought out medical specialists in Chicago. Malinda’s parents were Quakers.


These women were truly spiritual pioneers of their day. Nona and her sisters expanded their understanding by meditating, affirming prayer, and applying principle. When Malinda was fifteen, she developed a disease which doctors declared was incurable.

Malinda Cramer was an inspiration to many of the great early New Thought leaders whose ministries and books are still held in high cramef. Later the family moved to San Francisco in hopes the good weather would cure Malinda. The Brooks sisters found that carmer teaching was exactly the same, and they asked if they could use Divine Science as the name for their teaching. She was a caring and compassionate teacher and never hesitated to share the truth traveling as far afield as Australia and the United Kingdom.

At the age of fifteen she developed a disease which the doctors declared incurable and became an “invalid. Malinda Cramer was the author of cramef books, including: Is there a Power in the Universe that can heal me?

Your Own Life Coaching Business. Until recently, the Divine Science movement appeared to be moving toward extinction. The Divine Science movement appeared to weaken even to a point of near malonda in terms of number of thriving churches and Divine Science achieved virtually no name recognition even within the New Thought movement. New Thought Conferences Share.